Take control of the Digital World by Launching the Zoom clone

Zoom Clone

The Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly put the whole world on standstill. However, there was one app that multiplied its user base despite the severe health crisis. It was none other than Zoom, the well-known American video conferencing platform. It is now used by millions of business enterprises, educational institutions, governments, and individuals across the world. Importantly, Zoom has taken full advantage of factors like lockdowns, social distancing norms, and the Work from Home (WFH) trend. Besides that, the American online communication app is available 24×7 and multi-platform compatible.

How Zoom performed impressively in the market in 2021?

  • It pocketed a humongous $956.2 million in revenue in the first quarter this year. Overall, Zoom’s sales from customized video conferencing software increased by a whopping 191%. 
  • 1 million users in January 2021 utilized Zoom Phone that offers instant sharing of SMS and voice calling facilities. However, the number grew to 1.5 million users in April 2021. 
  • The Zoom video conferencing platform expects a higher revenue of $985 million to $990 million in the second quarter this year. The American app is predicting a mind-boggling annual revenue of $3.99 billion. 

With enhanced Internet connectivity and a rise in smartphone usage across the globe, this is the right time for entrepreneurs to get a tailor-made Zoom clone script made by a competent app development company.

Trained developers create Android and iOS apps for admins, business firms, hosts, and users. A modern web panel shares real-time information about the different video conferencing solutions and subscription plans. A robust admin dashboard helps in the quick registration of new users.

What are the impressive aspects of the Zoom clone script?

Addition of pronouns to profile names – Users can add pronouns easily to their Zoom profile. Hence, members of the Zoom clone can easily disclose their gender by mentioning words like his/her or he/she. It is displayed on their Contact Card when they participate in a video meeting or a webinar. 

Alternative Host mechanism – Hosts of a Video conference who have commitments at the last minute can give their powers and rights to another person. This new user acts as an Alternative Host. They have exclusive options to add or remove users from a video meeting. The new hosts will control the proceedings of the video interaction from a Master account or a Sub-account. 

Attractive effects and filters – Users can increase their visual appeal through customized effects, filters, and stickers. Members of the Zoom clone script can also add their own images (JPG or PNG format) as their background or frame. 

Flexible sharing of profile details – People have full freedom to share/ or not share their profile information while attending a Video meeting on the Zoom clone script. They can select either of the 3 options (Always Share, Ask During Every Meeting, and Never Share). Likewise, users can save these changes permanently. 

Live Transcription facility – People can ask the host of the Video conference to switch on the Live Transcription option. Hence, they can avoid unnecessary interruption during the Video meeting. All the transcripts are available in the advanced Video player of the Zoom clone. Moreover, texts within the transcripts are showcased in the form of closed captions. 

Users can also request transcripts from the host of the Video conference without revealing their profile details. Therefore, the Zoom clone script ensures a high level of anonymity. 

NDI Live Streaming option – A Video conferencing app like Zoom permits live streaming of content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Users will receive real-time notifications when the admin or host of the Video meeting attempts to stream through a Network Device Interface (NDI). Later, members of the Zoom clone can accept or reject the NDI live streaming request according to their convenience.  

Private chat facility – The Zoom clone script offers a world-class instant messaging option for users. They can secretly communicate with their colleagues, family members, and friends. 

The private chat option contains multiple features like bookmarking of a specific message, easy changing of Zoom channel icons, a quick access icon for tagged messages, and starred messages (for both individual and group communication). 

Secure screen sharing mechanism – Users can blur their background while utilizing the “Capture Screen” option. It only shares the content displayed in the window. Hence, members of the Zoom clone script feel highly safe as other objects and surroundings are not showcased during the Video conference. 

Zoom Phone – Both enterprises and users can easily do cloud calling through Zoom Phone. It is highly user-friendly and very secure. The admin panel monitors the activity of the members and the quality of HD voice calls. 

The Zoom clone offers functionalities like changing Caller ID before inviting a new user by phone, storage of call logs, and playing a greetings message before speaking via a voice call. Likewise, members can display both their official and personal mobile numbers on their Contact Card. 

The Zoom clone script also verifies the ID of each caller through a mechanism called Secure Telephony Identity Revisited (STIR). This prevents incidents like hacking, scamming, and spoofing. 

Other integrations – Remote working employees can integrate their Zoom clone app with numerous platforms like Calendly, Canva, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, HubSpot, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Skype, Slack, and Zapier. Therefore, they can complete their daily tasks on time and maximize their products easily. 

Analyzing the valuable business model of the Zoom clone

The Zoom clone script offers entrepreneurs plenty of revenue. Owners of a Video conferencing app like Zoom earn income by offering yearly subscription plans like Business (Small startups), Enterprise (Large companies), and Pro (Small teams). Besides that, techpreneurs mint more money by selling software licenses. They pocket additional revenue by offering add-on features like audio conferencing, cloud storage, and premium technical support by a dedicated Zoom account manager). 

Wrapping Up

Unquestionably, Zoom is the number one video conferencing app in the whole world now. Users are following the trend of “Join, Leave, and Rejoin” now. Importantly, the American platform has taken the habit of video meetings to the mainstream digital economy. 

Above all, it has captured the entire video conferencing market by adding new features and improving overall security measures. Hence, clever entrepreneurs can make a storm in the tech world by obtaining the Zoom clone for business now from a reputed app development company.

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