YouTube to move on fake news, support for ‘formal’ sources


Investing £ 25 million (£ 18.8m) in journalism on its platform on YouTube, focusing on the news agency's help, creates online videos and changes its site to provide better support to trusted newsmakers. Along with the investment, how is the company that will be used to finance an effective group for the promotion of investment-related issues, working on how to make their site "easy access to formal sources"?

This Google-owned service will broadcast videos from the top news and breaking news sources of breaking news articles, "It easily finds quality messages and creates new features - primarily helping to deliver the only US-localized news.

The company's chief production officer and chief business officer, Null Mohan and Robert Kinn, said in a statement, "We believe quality journalism needs sustainable revenue flow and since we have a responsibility to provide innovation and news for our products".

"Today, we're working on improving the news experience on YouTube, we're taking steps with the Google News Initiative to support future online news, and future features of the product."

News events, especially Britain's story, have long been a problem for YouTube. Last year, conspiracy theories have spread after public relations in the United States, claiming the attacker's political relation or religion, the whole incident is being fraudulent.

For example, on the day of the arrival of Las Vegas in October 2013, investigative videos that deceived the law enforcement people were a result of a search result in search results and a "false flag" attack conducted by the government to control guns. One month later, after another shooting in the United States, search results on the site showed that a terrorist attacking terrorist was a leftist terrorist.

In their statement, Mon and Kindle acknowledged such problems: "We know there is a lot of work to do, but diversity from a source interested in giving us a better experience for users to know more about what is happening in the world."

Other sources are temporarily preferred over several of their solutions. "Instructions are essential for viewers, especially during the events of fast-moving, broken news, so we're investing in new product features.

After the breaking news event, it takes time to verify, produce and publish high-quality videos. Instead of creating videos, journalists often write articles to break newspapers. For this, in the coming weeks in the United States, we'll start a short preview of the news in YouTube's search results, which links to the whole article during the initial hours of a major news event, so that the news can be broken and rapid changes, "they write

Like lasting hacks, such as moon landings claim to be a fake, it will launch a pre-announced program to link authoritative sources like Wikipedia and Encyclopædia Britannica, such as Wikipedia and Encyclopædia Britannica on YouTube.