Yahoo Mail Not Working | How to resolve the issue?

Yahoo Mail Not Working

Yahoo mail service is really most popular as it comes to the process of email exchange. With the help of a stable internet connection and a registered Yahoo email account, you can send and receive emails. The Yahoo mail service is the fastest and is a trustworthy safe and secure option available in the cyber market.

Yahoo Mail stopped working-

Though everything related to the Yahoo mail service is really easy to understand and deal with, a few technical glitches here and there are just unavoidable as there are so many techniques and features that are there, added with the setup.  Here, we will further see the processes through which one will be able to resolve the issue of Yahoo Mail stopped working. So, here we will see the fixes that one can try for it.

Yahoo Mail stopped working with any browser-

If this is the case, then for a solution there are some steps that the user will need to take here we will discuss those.

Adblocker– If in case, your email service account is not working, then for a fix to that you will need to disable your Adblocker if it is actively running on the Yahoo mail service.

Internet issues – check if your browser is slow at loading other websites also, then that means there is some problem with the internet connection. Please check the router or the modem and conduct a reset on the same if required.

Clearing cache and cookies – You should see if there are caches and cookies that are to be cleared from the browser then please do the needful.  As you will clean your browser your browsing experience will surely improve.

Yahoo Mail stopped working on Windows 10-

Sometimes, users do face trouble while they try to use the Yahoo mail service on Windows 10. So to fix that people would need to follow another set of steps.

Try Adding a Yahoo mail account once again-

For that please follow, the steps given below-

  • On the Windows10 operating system please open the mail app
  • After this, click on the “settings” icon
  • Next, please click on “manage”
  • After this, from the right menu click on “Add account”
  • Next, from the list of providers choose “yahoo”
  • Enter the Yahoo email address after that click on “next”
  • Next, enter your email account password and after that hit the “sign-in button”
  • Once, it is done click “agree” and then click on “done”

Customizing the Yahoo mail settings is the other way out through which you can fix this problem of Yahoo Mail stop working on Windows 10.  Here further let us see the way to customize settings for the workings of the Yahoo mail service on the Windows 10 operating systems.

For customizing the settings please follow the steps given below

  • On the system open the Yahoo mail application
  • After this, open the Yahoo mail account further choose the option “Account settings”
  • Next enter the account name and also change the sync settings
  • Also, try and fix the issue by conducting a reset for the Windows mail application
Yahoo Mail stopped working on android-

In order to fix this please follow the steps given below-

  • See if there is any network issue
  • Also, the problem can be related to Yahoo mail sign in or login
  • The problem can be related to the outdated app running on the device

Once, the user will fix these issues, the user will then be able to use Yahoo mail very efficiently on android devices also.


So, this is how you can deal with the issue of Yahoo Mail stopping working if you still need to know more, and then in that case you should get in touch with the team of Yahoo experts. You can go to them for any sort of help or assistance as ad when you feel like it. The users can be sure for an instant and the most accurate solution for all the possible issues and errors. There is no such issue related to the service that the team of technicians may fail to resolve.