World Cup 2018: Optus for sharing all group stage


Every match at the 2018 FIFA World Cup group stage will be available for Australian football fans for SBS or free for the Optus Sports Streaming Platform.

Optus announced a bomb attack on Wednesday afternoon that after the technical failure, the SBS will be given responsibility to deliver the World Cup by saving thousands of fans without access to football.

"FIFA is the perfect ambition of the World Cup football, a game that is very encouraging to the Australians," said Michael Ebed, managing director of SBS.

"Look forward to SBS continuing simulcast games with Optus for the next ten days."

Optimus CEO Allen Lev said in a teleconference, he said that Opus has solved the serious problem due to the outbreak of the biggest sports competition in the world.

But he faced major problems to deal with this problem so that he forced the telescope to take the joint responsibility of the SSBS to make calls from the public of football.

As a goodwill commitment to Australian fans, Optus will also simulcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup group match with SBS through the group stage, "Lew said in a statement.

Optus initially agreed to share all games for 48 hours with SBS from Monday with Wednesday.

After meeting with Uni Emery, Jack Wilsey confirmed Arsenal's arrival

JACK Wilshere has confirmed that Arsenal will leave when his contract expires on July 1, after the new boss Uni Emery failed to make sure that he was playing regularly.

After a massive meeting with Spaniard, Wilcea said that he knew that during his game the "will be significantly reduced" and he stressed that he must play regularly during this career.

26-year-old has expressed that he has agreed to sign a contract less financially after discussing the future of the club that has spent the last 17 years.