World Cup 2018: David Beckham’s prediction of the Argentine Finals of England


David Beckham's England and Argentine supporters to reach the final of the Russian World Cup. After Beckham captained the captain, after reaching the quarter-finals in 2005, Beckham was last for the first time. Two-time winner Argentina were runners-up in 2014.

Beckham said, "I think my choice will win the competition for England, but I am biased and emotional about myself", Beckham said he was speaking at a ceremony in China.

  • We chose seven things from the first week of the World Cup
  • Iran has been dispersed everywhere
  • Cristiano Ronaldo's 'Port Wine'
  • In their first match, England beat Tunisia 2-1, they increased the chances of reaching the knockout stage.

They will face Ronaldo next night, but the second group of Argentina is Thursday (19:00 BST)

"I'm very happy that we won the first game of the team," Beckham added. "England are a very young team, they still do not have much experience and the World Cup will be difficult and difficult because there are many good teams in the tournament."