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WordPress Theme Detector

Sometimes, you click on a website and feel ecstatically surprised to see the website themes and plugins. Are you eager to know which themes exactly it is? Do you want to use this theme? Is the theme free to use a paid one? All of your questions will be answered using a tool with which you can get details about the theme on a specific website. And, the tool is a WordPress theme detector

However, these theme and plugin detectors vary in some way or another. So, if you are excited to know which WordPress plugin detector is suitable for you, let’s get started!


Best and Most Helpful WordPress Theme Detector

A WordPress theme detector is a tool that scans a website and finds out which theme a specific website is using. Additionally, if you are curious about plugins also, it provides you details about that too.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the pool and find the most suitable theme for you. 


One of the popular WordPress theme detector tools, WPBeginner, divides the result into three categories:

  • Child Theme: gives you information about the author and version.
  • Parent theme: shows you information about the parent’s theme. 
  • Plugin Detects: give you a brief description and the link to the WordPress plugin.
  • Theme Provider: gives author or company’s link that provides the theme.

It also scans the website automatically to find out the theme. Further, provide other crucial information like web hosting provider’s site details and thumbnail of the site’s homepage. 



WPTheme Detector is another popular free tool to detect WordPress themes and plugins. It provides details about the active theme and plugins on a website just by entering its URL.

Further, it also shares information about the theme developer. You can either download the theme instantly or visit the author’s site to know more.

Along with that, it also displays the plugin’s ranking and popularity among developers. 


Unlike other tools, lsltWP is a great WordPress theme and plugin detector for anyone. 

It tells you if the website is created on the WordPress platform or not. Along with that, it also shares details of the hosting server, theme, plugins, and links to download the plugins for your website.

Note that it will not provide a developer’s link to the theme that is not popular.


If you are a freelance UX designer, Gochyu can be your favorite theme detector tool. This tool lets you discover popular themes from Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, and WordPress.com. 

Further, it is more advantageous to find if a website is using pages for content or products. Gotchya searches both the homepage and product quickly and finds out if the website uses WordPress or WooCommerce. 


Scan WP can detect the theme just by using the website URL. 

To detect the theme and plugins, enter the domain URL and click on the detect button. And you will get the entire database, including the website description, URL price, and author. 

It also provides hosting information and its price details. If you are still curious, the tool will take you to the plugin page after searching it on google. 

You can access the tool both through the website or chrome extension. 

WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector

Wp Theme Detector And Plugin Detector is a multipurpose tool. It’s a chrome extension and helps in finding the theme and plugins used on a website. 

You can easily download it and add on the chrome extensions. To check the theme and plugins of a website, all you need to do is click on the extension while surfing that website. 

If the tool can find the theme, it will show up right away. However, for plugins, it may take a while to collect the information. Because plugin detection is performed on a remote server, and the results are sent to your browser. 

Kinsta WordPress Theme Detector

Kinsta WordPress Theme Detector provides additional details about a website. It includes theme name, description, version details, IP address of the site, official WordPress name, and even meta description. 

Such additional facts help competitor websites to create strategies for better performance.

Wrapping Up

In times of digital marketing, the competitor website keeps looking for their competitor website theme and plugins. It helps them better strategies and looks up the factors that drive more traffic. Therefore, you should lag behind the race when you have free access to such fantastic WordPress theme detector tools. You can use any of the tools mentioned above that fulfill your expectations. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us and we always welcome your suggestions.