What Are Women’s Legal Rights On Financial Settlement After Divorce?

Women's Legal Rights
Women's Legal Rights

An inevitable yet resentful event like divorce is not uncommon in Australia. In fact, one in every three nuptial relationships in Australia ends with a divorce. Nonetheless, there are certain legal issues that might emerge even after the divorce case has ceased. Unfortunately, these unprecedented issues conventionally arise either pertaining to child custody and the allocated assets between the married partners. The best divorce lawyers in Perth can provide you matchless legal assistance in this matter.

The legal rights of women on a financial settlement after divorce in Australia

The end of a marriage can be challenging both financially and emotionally, especially for the woman. One key way to make the situations less overwhelming is by learning about your rights on financial settlement post the completion of your divorce. In fact, you will find resolving any potential problems resulting from your divorce case much easier than ever.

Get legal assistance from the best property settlement lawyers in Perth

After the married partners decide to divorce each other, the trickiest phase of their life emerges from that time on. Particularly, the woman’s marital partner feels quite financially insecure. So, the only way to resolve this issue is by allocating the potential assets between both partners. So, do you also need unmatched legal aid pertaining to your financial settlement rights? Then, hiring one of the best property settlement lawyers in Perth will provide you with remunerative legal solutions in this regard.

Things you need to know

So, do you also have decided finally to set yourself apart from your marital partner? If your reply is yes, then, you need to know about a few important aspects related to it before that.

    • Prove that your nuptial relationship has become irrecoverably resentful
    • You must prove through substantial evidence that your relationship cannot be reconciled in any way and
    • Most importantly, both of you should be separated from the relationship for twelve months and one day to the minimum.

Aside, you might need to prove that you had visited a marriage counselor if you are married for less than a year.

Divorce application in Australia

An application for divorce can be lodged both in Australia and overseas as well. While a divorce application is lodged in Australia or offshore, certain factors have to be kept in mind. Say, for instance, the application should be accompanied by the ‘Separation, Marriage and Families brochure in Australia. You will get access to this brochure on the official website of the Family Court of Australia.

Eligibility criteria for overseas couples

You can apply for a divorce in Australia even if you tied your nuptial knot overseas. However, you must have met the following requirements to apply for a divorce in Australia.

    • You should intend to reside in Australia for an indefinite period of time
    • You should consider Australia as your homeland
    • Make sure that you have lived in Australia ordinarily or must have done so for at least twelve months prior to filing for your divorce and
    • You should be a citizen of Australia

So, to delve even deeper into the legalities of these aspects, hiring one of the top property settlement lawyers Perth must be your choice.

Property settlement lawyers in Perth: A team of legal adepts

The top property settlement lawyers in Perth will help you at every step pertaining to your property settlement. Since you are a woman partner, you should know about your legal rights from any of these property settlement lawyers in Perth. There is a particular time frame which each of the divorced couples in Australia should satisfy including the female partners as well.

De-facto couples

If you are the de-facto female partner, then, the time frame of property settlement post your divorce should be around two years and not less. This time frame should have started from the point of time the separation period of your de-facto relationship actually commenced.

Marital couples

If you are a married couple, then, the time limit of property settlement should be different after your divorce case has been implemented. According to this criterion, this limitation of time should at least be one year and not less. This time frame should have started from the commencement date of your divorce in Australia.

Property settlement in Australia

Certain factors such as income, children, and much more influence the property settlement aspect between divorced couples in Australia. So, make sure that you follow the right procedures to claim you’re pertinent rights in relation to your property settlement in Australia.

Lodgement of property settlement application

So, you need to lodge an error-free property settlement application first with the assistance of the top property settlement lawyers in Perth. So, to get started, you need to ascertain that you have applied within the stipulated time frame after the enforcement of your official divorce. In the case of de-facto couples, as already said, this time period has to be two years from the date of your divorce. On the flip side, the time limit for married couples to apply for property settlement should be one year and not less. If this period gets over, you need to obtain permission from the Family Court of Australia.

Apply for property settlement

There are a few factors that your property settlement lawyer in Perth will consider before applying for your property settlement. Say, for instance, your financial potential, the relevant assets, the properties purchased by you and your partner, and any joint assets owned by both of you collectively. Subsequently, your property settlement lawyer will adhere to the right steps and will ensure the best property settlement application lodgement for you. What’s more, your lawyer will also ensure the best outcome pertaining to your property settlement in Australia.

Essential tips to consider

As a woman, you can consider the following tips to make your property settlement case adequately substantial.

    • Appoint the best property lawyer in Perth
    • Arrange adequate support you need
    • Assess your claimable assets impeccably and
    • Make a new will right after you separate from your partner etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire one of the best property settlement lawyers in Perth today and claim all your potential rights as a woman pertaining to your property settlement after divorce.

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