Top 10 Reasons: Why Study Business?


Why Study Business? Business and related subjects (such as- Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics) are among the most popular research fields at universities worldwide, especially at the undergraduate level. You may have some questions about ​​why business graduates are in high demand worldwide? Business touches every aspect of modern human society. If you have a career with a business degree that is diverse and often highly paid, these assumptions are so true.

If you think of studying for a postgraduate degree in business, you can look at the QS Business Masters Rankings 2020 for business analysis, management, marketing, and finance. Or, if you’re still not confident enough, read on for an in-depth search of the question: Why study business?


What do business majors study?

In addition to the general education courses for all University students, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree includes Computer Technology, Basic Accounting, Economics, Business Mathematics, Statistics, Public Speaking, Business Law and Policy, and Globalization. Related to the specific major, BBA students choose courses related to one (or more) of the seven effective fields of business:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management,
  • Marketing,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Management information systems
  • Chain Management

Business Minors and Learning Abroad opportunities are also available to supplement any business degree!

Read these 10 reasons – Why Study Business?

1. Learn transferable skills

The skills you learn from the business program will help you easily transfer and adapt to any future career or job position imaginable, for starters. Business programs are more focusing on teaching students the ability to think critically, solve problems in innovative ways, and manage their time logically. Some other skills you can expect to move away from a business program include:

  • Presentation and report-writing
  • Asset management
  • Self-motivation
  • Explain financial information

These are some of the skills you can use to get on the study, if not for the immediate business. The business study increases the ability to think critically and make quick decisions in your field. And it will serve you well, not only in your career but also in your daily life.

2. Enjoy a high-income potential

Business students are starting with an average salary of about $55,000 a year. A business degree will give you the highest earning potential, both immediately graduating and then hitting the business field. Those who study business rank below engineering and computer science at the highest starting salary for entry-level jobs.

The business study would be a great opportunity for those who are nervous about taking loans and are worried about repaying it. With this in mind, a business degree will give you the highest return on your investment.

3. Achieve a global perspective

Some study programs nowadays really examine things outside of a local lens, but business studies will help you to look at global issues, especially today’s international economy. This is a great opportunity for those who want to work towards a more global outlook and vision. And of course, when you study business, you will also have plenty of opportunities to study abroad, if you have interests in this.

And even if you do not study abroad, your program will work alongside international students who will help you diversify more culturally, especially considering some business degrees, including the communication level of some international students.

4. Combine your Passions

Many people do not realize that it is often possible to combine a business program with another program of your choice when considering a business degree. Thus, if you are interested in business but eventually want to start a career in another field, you can earn a double-major or similar appreciation from online business courses in your online study program.

This is quite common, and many online universities offer these types of programs in a five-year capacity. Imagine being able to pass the stage and collect just one or two degrees that will help you reach your career goals and only be able to do it through one extra year of study.

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5. Balance practice and theory

What do you guess if you are the type of student who gets bored or overwhelmed by too much theoretical discussion or too much practice / not enough theory in the classroom? A program of business studies can provide the perfect balance between both practice and theory. Hence, you will spend most of the time learning about different theories and models and putting that theory into practice.

A reputable company will accept you with a business degree to build a relationship with the local company. Here, you can have unique opportunities for internships and similar real-world experiences that give you a competitive edge in graduation and job search.

6. Improve communication skills

In your business program, you will learn several valuable communication skills that will be effective in any task on the way you would love to go. By learning how to write relevant reports and even communicate with people from different cultures, you will strengthen your communication and communication skills with the people around you.

A large part of business studies is learning how to read body language and practice active listening. And when you think about it, those skills will benefit you not only in your future jobs but also in your daily social interactions.

7. Challenge yourself

Are you looking for a challenge? Business programs have several challenging tasks, but you will learn in the best possible way. When you learn it through a business program, you will emerge as a more rational thinker and know you need to take on many life challenges in the next life (both career-related and academic).

If you need help solving problems, you may want to focus on the person who already tends to do so. This may be what it takes to complete your study business program.

8. Enjoy high demand

Do you know that the average business student lands a job within six months of graduating? There is more demand for business graduates in today’s economy. This trend is not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. If you want to enter a career where you will have a much easier time securing a job at the end of graduation, this is an excellent option for you.

Not to mention, the opportunities are vast. Whether you prefer to stay local or have an interest in moving around the country or the world, business graduates tend to solve problems after graduation.

9. Talk about big money

If you’re still on edge, get ready to jump. The biggest reason to get a business education is your salary. Studies are showing that the more knowledge you receive, the higher salary you will get. And even if you have a bachelor’s degree, your studies will reap further advancement rewards.

To put it bluntly, business graduates can expect to earn about $ 75,000 mid-career in the United States, while those with a master’s degree can expect to earn $109,000 a year in a mid-career. And depending on the amount of hard work you put into earning a six-figure salary, having one or two degrees behind your belt can do nothing but help you a lot in your career advancement.

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10. Be your Boss

Who will ever think to act as their own boss? The skills you are learning in your business program can help you realize that dream. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You have to dream of running your own large company or working as an independent entrepreneur. A business degree is an excellent way to lead that first block to independence.

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Top 5 universities for business degrees

01. Harvard University
03. London Business School
04. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
05. University of Pennsylvania

Top 5 online universities for business degrees

01. New York University (NYU)
02. University of Michigan
03. University of California, Berkeley
04. University of North Carolina
05. the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

FAQ: Why Study Business?

01. What are the benefits of studying business?

5 benefits of studying business management

  • Develop key management skills.
  • Employability.
  • Internation business
  • Be your own boss.
  • Learn about multiple disciplines.

02. Why did you choose a business major?

Another reason students decide to get a business degree is because of the job and the salary. Areas like marketing, accounting, and management are so different that business students do not usually choose a course of study. Students in business degrees are naturally aligning with their business field.

03. What is the purpose of business studies?

Business studies show how different research areas are integrating into productive action. As people gradually become more dependent on others, it increases interdependence through the business program.

04. Why is business so important?

Business is significant for a country’s economy because businesses provide both goods and services and better jobs opportunity. Businesses are always helping more people to get their jobs than other sectors. Companies create job opportunities because they need to produce and sell their products and services to their consumers.

05. Why do I enjoy business studies?

The skills you are learning from a business program will help you transfer and adapt to any future career or job position imaginable, for starters. Business programs are focusing on teaching students the ability to think critically, solve problems in innovative ways, and manage their time logically.

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