White House hosts COVID-19 ‘superspreader’ event, says Dr. Fauci


Dr. Fauci (Anthony) is one of the top virus experts in the United States. The White House has criticized him for hosting a conference on the outbreak of Covid-19.

Several numbers of the White House Coronavirus Task Force have been taken, said Dr. Fauci, is President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee’s landing. This discussion was a “superspreader event.”

At least 11 people tested on September 26 and found they are corona virus-positive.

Mr. Trump himself is recovering from Covid-19.

Less than a month before facing Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential election, his doctors have just cleared him for a rally.

Mr. Trump has expressed skepticism about the national crackdown on the spread of Covid-19, which has killed more than 213,000 people in the United States. He talks about the possibility of a vaccine becoming available, although researchers say it is unlikely to happen anytime soon before next year.

Polls show Mr. Biden leading Mr. Trump single-handedly, and an ABC News / Ipsos poll found that only 35% of Americans approve of how Mr. Trump handled the crisis.

What did Dr. Fookie say?

On Friday, CBS News asked what Dr. Fauci thinks about the White House’s reluctance to wear the mask as a precaution and emphasize social distance and instead rely on regular testing.

“The facts speak for themselves – we had a “superspreader event” at the White House, and it was a situation where people crowded together and were not wearing masks.”

An event at the White House on Saturday, September 2, is believed to have been held for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett to be nominated for the presidency.

In addition, President Trump and his wife, Melania, who attended and later tested found she is COVID-19 positive, included two senators, White House press secretary, and former Trump adviser Kelly Conway.

Dr. Fauci also noted that experts have been advising people to wear masks for the past six months and have condemned talking about a coronavirus “cure” – Mr. Trump mentioned the experimental Covid-19 treatment and received it his recent stay. A military hospital was behind him to cure out his COVID-19.

Large gatherings are still banned in the U.S. capital because of Covid-19, but not federal property concessions like the White House.

How is Mr. Trump?

Mr. Trump – who was released from the hospital Monday night after three nights – was asked about the symptoms of his experience in an interview with Fox News on Friday evening.

The president said he did not feel strong but had no trouble breathing.

On Friday, when asked him for tested for coronavirus, the president said he was “at the bottom of the scale or for free,” although he did not say if his results were negative.

What event does he plan?

According to his doctors, He will be ten days into his diagnosis on Saturday, Mr. Trump will deliver a speech aimed at a group gathered on the South Lawn from the White House porch.

Hundreds of people have reportedly been invited there to present. The top Republican avoids the White House over Covid-19.

U.S. Election, 2020: The Answer to Your Top Questions are Here

All participants will be required to wear masks, be given a temperature check, and encourage social distance, the White House authority said.

Mr. Trump’s remarks will be on the subject of “law and order,” according to the White House, adding that it is more of a presidential campaign than a campaign.

There will also be a group blackouts program, a campaign calling on black voters to reject the Democratic Party. On Monday, the Trump campaign is planning a massive rally in Sanford, Florida.

What is the debate?

The second presidential debate happened between Mr. Trump and his Democratic White House challenger Joe Biden next week has now been officially canceled.

The Presidential Debate Commission said in a statement on Friday that both campaigns had announced “alternative plans for this date.”

Mr. Trump backed a commission request for a virtual October 15 showdown to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

The commission said it was still arranging the third and final presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 22.

The Trump campaign said the commission was “biased” towards Mr. Biden, while Democrats accused the president of falsifying the controversy.

Who has tested positive in Mr. Trump’s circle?

The announcement of the first public rally since Mr. Trump’s inauguration has raised concerns in Washington, where officials are still trying to contact Tracy from the White House event.

Mr. Trump tested positive for Covid-19 last Thursday, according to his doctors, but he never did his final negative test.

Did this White House event cause a virus outbreak?

In recent days, about 34 White House aides and other communicators have tested positive for Covid-19, according to U.S. media reports.

The Minnesota Department of Health; reported On Friday said to Mr. Trump that nine people infected during the September 18 campaign rally in the state.

Officials say at least one person was infected when they joined and were hospitalized in two cases, one of whom is in intensive care.

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