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Visitor Visa Australia 600

If you want to visit Australia for any holiday or business purpose, you should get a Visitor Visa 600. Visitor Visa Subclass 600 will be applicable for four types of visits: holiday, business, a family-sponsored holiday, and an arranged tour from China. In this article, we will mainly focus on the first three types.

What Are The Basic Eligibility Requirements For This Visa?

Even though there are some specific requirements for each type, some of the basic eligibility requirements are as follows.

  • You can get the Visa Subclass 600 only for a visit or business causes.
  • Depending on the circumstances, the Visa 600 Australia can be valid for three, six, or twelve months.
  • If you have a passport from a particular country, you can apply for a cheaper visa type.
  • There is another visa named the eVisitor Subclass 651 Visa, which is free of cost. You can get this Visitor Visa 600 if you hold a passport issued by an eligible country.
  • The same condition applies to the Electronic Travel Authority Subclass 601 also. In addition, your passport should be issued by an eligible country.

Holiday Visa

Holiday Visa will be granted to you if you want to visit Australia for a holiday, recreational purpose, or meet your family members or friends. There should not be any other purpose like medical treatment or business-related activities. At the time of your application, you have to be outside Australia.

This 600 Visa type will offer specific benefits to all the holders. First of all, you can visit your family or friends living in Australia and enjoy your holiday in this beautiful country.

Under certain conditions, you can study in Australia for a maximum of three months. You can also work as an unpaid volunteer and get reimbursement for food and accommodation. Eligibility requirements for this 600 Visa is as follows.

  1. You have to satisfy all the health and character criteria.’
  2. One should have adequate funds to bear all the costs during your stay.
  3. You should provide evidence that you are here only for tourism purposes.
  4. One should have health insurance cover for 12 months.
  5. If your child is an Australian citizen or permanent resident or an eligible citizen of New Zealand, you may look for Parent Visa Subclass 103 instead of this tourist visa 600. You can consult MAA’s visa agent from Adelaide to know this information in more detail.

A Family Sponsored Visa

If you plan to visit your family residing in Australia, you may look for this stream. Here, you should provide solid evidence that you have a sponsor who can give you financial support. For this visa application, you have to be outside Australia at the time of application and the visa decision. This tourist visa 600 will allow you to enter Australia once.

So, if you have plans to return to this country after you leave, you have to apply for another visa. Until the Visa 600 Australia remains valid, traveling to and from Australia is possible as many times as you wish. But, you should make sure that you will not overstay anytime.

Other eligibility requirements for the Family-Sponsored Visa are as follows.

  • You should fulfil all the character and health criteria. While living in Australia, you have to bear all the health and medical expenses as you will not get the privilege of Medicare coverage unless there exists any reciprocal health care agreement between the government of your home country and the Australian government. Also, each time you travel to Australia, you will need health insurance cover. MAA’s visa consultant of Adelaide can help you to contact a genuine insurance provider.
  • You have to prove that you are a genuine tourist in Australia and visit your family members.

Business Visa Stream

This Australian Visa Subclass 600 is for a tourist who travels to Australia for business purposes. The business purposes may include usual employment or business inquiry, necessary negotiations, or attending a business seminar. For this stream, too, you have to apply outside Australia.

If you already hold a Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay) Visa Subclass 459 or a Business (Short Stay) Visa Subclass 456, it will remain valid even if you get this Visitor Subclass 600.

Only one visit is allowed under this visa stream. However, if you want to visit again, you will need a new visa. Like the Family-sponsored Stream, traveling to and from Australia for more than one time is allowed under this stream. And again, you should never stay a more extended period than the mentioned period in your Visitor Subclass 600. You will not need any sponsor for this visa. Eligibility requirements for this visa are as follows.

  1. As the Australian government is very strict about its public health and safety, fulfilling all the health and character criteria is highly necessary. Health requirements include having no severe disease and satisfying reports of the health examinations. You should also complete the required character test.
  2. One should show that you have sufficient money to pay for all the costs.
  3. You will also need to show that you will carry out only those related to your business visit.

The Department of Home Affairs will check several documents before granting you the visa. These documents will include your business background, a proper reason behind your visit, and proof that you will not take up any job of providing services to any Australia-based business or person.

Your activities may include making employment inquiries, negotiating or signing a business contract, attending a conference, a trade fair, etc. While attending or participating in a seminar, you should make sure that you will not get any payment from the organizer.

Where To Get Help From?

Irrespective of the type of visitor visa you will require to travel to Australia, the top Migration Agents Adelaide are always there to provide you with the correct professional guidance. An immigration agent originally from Adelaide and registered with the top experts can help you complete applications with accurate documents, thus saving a lot of money and time.

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