How to hoover model uh71250 vacuum belt replacement [2021]


General vacuum belt repairs can be performed at home and knowing how to change a hoover model uh71250 belt replacement is a great way for any vacuum owner to save time and money in the store. Since vacuum belts are made to stretch, wear, and eventually break, every vacuum owner can save time and money by knowing the basics of vacuum belt replacement.

Fortunately, changing the hoover model uh71250 belt replacement is a very common repair for most vacuum cleaners. Owners of vacuums should not take their machine to a store just to replace a belt.

The first step in replacing this (and any) part is to properly order the part needed for repair.

For more information on the different types of hoover model uh71250 belt replacement available in the market and how to properly order the right belt for your vacuum, please read our “Vacuum Belt Buying Guide” article.

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Vacuum belt replacement step

Each specific vacuum style and model is different, so the belt replacement steps may be slightly different from one to the next. Despite these differences, all vacuum belt replacements share the same characteristics.

The instructions in this article have been generalized so that they can help vacuum owners themselves by repairing their belt changes regardless of the vacuum type or model.

We use a common vertical-style vacuum for The hoover model uh71250 belt replacement Windtunnel Supreme for our belt replacement demonstration.

Most of these repairs can take less than five minutes in a vacuum, especially once an owner is familiar with their model.

Remove the brush roller and old belt

Now that the bottom plate is off, the old (or broken) belt will easily come out of the void.

Before removing old belts and brush rolls, take a look at how they are arranged in the space and how they are connected.

The upper belt of our Hoover Windtunnel (pictured below) is a flat vacuum belt type that is held between the motor shaft and the brush cylinder with its elastic tension.

First, pull the brush roll out of the void and slide it out of the belt loop. Then, remove the other end of the hoover model uh71250 belt from the motor shaft

Install the new hoover vacuum belt on the motor

Raise your head! If your vacuum model takes a round or flat vacuum belt type, it means that the belt is pulled between the motor shaft and the brush roller. The new belt may seem too small for the vacuum.

This is probably normal and expected. Check that your case has the right part for your vacuum cleaner. But be aware that round and flat hoover vacuum belts stretch a lot over some time. The gears and Vacuum belts extend but not nearly as much.

If the old belt you are replacing is held up to the new belt due to all the extensions left through the vacuum use, it will probably appear much larger.

First, slide the new hoover vacuum belt around the vacuum motor shaft. Once on the shaft, thread the brush roll with the other end of the belt.

Install the brush roller with the belt properly with it

Whatever the vacuum style, the idea is to bring the brush roll and belt back to their original position before closing the vacuum housing.

For spaces using round and flat belts, it takes a little muscle to pull the brush roll into position with that detached new belt.

Our demonstration is zero, the side part of the brush roll opposite the belt that fits into the void After installing the side of the fits brush, a good pull on the side of the belt of the bellows will snap it in the right place (see your fingers).

It is very easy to do if you fall to the ground with emptiness.

Reassemble the vacuum

To access the brush roll area the bottom plate of the vacuum and/or any other housing piece will be removed for the windtunnel, meaning only these four Phillips screws and the bottom plate have been removed.

This repair is now complete. Depending on the type of vacuum belt your new vacuum movement belt may last from a few months to several years before another replacement.

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