Pega transmits one-to-one marketing solution

Pegasystems, Software Company has announced the introduction of a self-optimization campaign. The ability to insert customer-initiated customer initiatives in the world's leading initiative. A new Pega marketing capability that assists marketers to depend on traditional segment-based campaigns. And their real-time, one-to-one insertions.
Using its powerful AI, Pega Independent campaign offers on-the-fly and personalized treatments for each person. It is while simplifying the development complexity. This marketing campaign makes it easy to provide very popular campaign response rates, low cost, and quick results.
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Despite rapid advances in marketing technology, campaign development is still a complex. Manual and defective processing process that is automated and difficult to optimize. It takes a market week to identify parts of each channel, allow offers, create models, design tests and refine.
Once on a campaign full flight, there is little scope for adjusting the conditions of change. The campaign such as the unexpected competition offers or response level of the sub-campaign. The only proponent of the market is waiting for it and optimizing the next campaign - when it's already late
"TechLiberto, CMO, Pegasystems said," For several years, many Martesk predicted the death of the inefficient and inefficient marketing department. "
"But the reality is that most transit struggles still from these long-lasting strategies. The introduction of a self-optimization campaign, we are able to make the growth of the Ai campaign more dynamic in the way of marketing. We increase conversations, less revenue and higher profits For making every offer more efficient. "
Self-optimization campaigns of Pega Marketing give the ability to optimize strategies. It is across the life cycle of the campaign to achieve the best possible response rate for the marketers. The software makes it easy for marketers to automatically select the most relevant customer lists. And coordinate offers, actions, and therapies to achieve their pre-selected campaign goals.
Campaigns are split into waves. So Pegah AI can learn with each iteration and can continually correct its process with progress to increase performance.
The self-optimization campaign enhances the next best performance for most restrictions on Pega Marketing. It is a real-time power, exposure, and incompatibilities. Which hinders long-term current campaign management, such as acquiring power:
  • Automated audience selection: Usually they spend an extra percentage of their time researching. and outgoing customer sectors for marketers with their sub-results results. With the self-optimization campaign, marketers only import their desired size of viewers. As the campaign progress, Pega Ai automatically finds the most relevant goals and fine-tunes its selection.
  • Multi offers, multi-treatment opportunities: Most campaigns are limited to a small number of offers. And it is a limited number of A / B-based exams. With Pega's AI, the marketable offer, treatment, and test scenarios around can offer approximate offers in a single campaign. The system eliminates the most complex complexity. The unique needs and preferences of each person to align the message of the campaign to the current context of the goal.
  • In-flight mission optimization and testing: Marketers only set their promotion goals. The goals such as acquisition volume, deficit reduction or cross-sale response rates. The work of the rest of the Peggy AI, using adjustment analysis, constantly balances the campaign mix. Automated testing continues to be in the background, to learn which works best for every customer.
As part of the Pega Infinity Digital Conversion Suite, Pega Marketing marketers use the marketer to expect the needs of customers. And they adapt marketing options to the next best practice. Attracting customers with the right offer through a channel. the Peggy Client improves customer satisfaction. They work while increasing the customer's living standard value.