Establish a Venture by Launching a Fully-Functional Uber for Pharmacy Delivery App

Uber for Pharmacy
Uber for Pharmacy

Similar to on-demand delivery services like food/grocery delivery, delivering medicines has become a thriving business these days. Recent stats show that people preferred to buy medicines online during the Covid-19 pandemic as they did not want to step out of their homes. However, people can order medicines via the Uber for pharmacy delivery app and get them delivered to their homes.

The on-demand medicine delivery app helps to improve the pharmacy business and create brand awareness for a wide set of customers. If you are running a pharmacy business, it isn’t easy to get reach from a broader customer base. Therefore, it is better to shift your traditional business to online by launching your Uber for medicine delivery app. So, let’s explore the upcoming sections to know about the pharmacy delivery app development.

Medicine delivery app plays a vital role in your pharmacy business growth

You get the following benefits upon launching the medicine delivery app to enhance your business.

With the help of an app, you can gain your brand visibility. As people search for an app in the Google Play Store or App Store, there will be a huge chance that they will download your app and avail of the service. This way, you gain more users for your app.

You can directly connect with the customers and engage them with your services. Sending push notifications regularly helps to get updates regarding the order status and availability of medicines.

More importantly, people prefer to use the app as they can find nearby pharmacies and place an order with ease. So, there is more opportunity to succeed in your business.

Once the brand visibility increases, your app reaches more customers and earns revenue by implementing various revenue streams.

Let’s dive deeper into different business models of the on-demand medicine delivery app

Before you proceed further in app development, you have to be clear about the business model. Three standard business models of the on-demand medicine delivery app are explained below.

  • Connecting nearby pharmacies

If you are not running a pharmacy but want to earn income, this business model is for you. In this model, you have to connect or partner with nearby pharmacies and charge them a commission fee on each order they get via the app.

  • Single store medicine delivery

This business model is for you if you have already run a pharmacy business without a mobile app. You can upgrade your business by launching your app, as you can get visibility in your region.

  • Chained store medicine delivery

If you are an entrepreneur managing a chained pharmacy service in and around your region, then this business model is for you. Launching a ready-made medicine delivery app will help bring brand awareness and provide service at a reasonable price.

What are the indispensable features to be considered during medicine delivery app development?

The medicine delivery app comprises four modules: Customer app, Pharmacist app, Delivery person app, and Admin panel. Let’s discuss the essential features to be included in these modules.

Customer app features

  • Customers can easily log in to the app using their phone number. They can even register using email addresses or social media accounts.
  • Customers have to upload the prescriptions from the phone’s gallery.
  • As the medicines are categorized in the app, customers can search for the medicines they need with the help of the filters.
  • Customers can check the entire details of the medicine, including the expiry date, prices, and manufacturer name.
  • Customers can find alternative medicines when they cannot get the exact brand medicines.

Pharmacy app features

  • The pharmacy owners can manage the medication lists by adding or removing any medicines. Also, they can include the medicine details.
  • The pharmacy owner has the option to review the prescription which was uploaded by the customer.
  • The app notifies order details to the pharmacy store owners once the customers place their orders and confirms them. Moreover, the pharmacy owners have the option to manage the ongoing orders in real-time.
  • They can provide discounts and offers to potential customers in order to gain loyalty.
  • The pharmacy owners can track the payment details in real-time. They get payment directly in the app as they have to specify the primary bank account if more than two accounts have been added.
  • They can change the pricing details of the medicines added to the medication lists. Also, they can show similar medications in case of unavailability of any medicines.
  • They can view and manage the ratings and reviews given by the customers.

Delivery person app features

  • The delivery persons have to create their own profile by providing basic information in the app.  
  • Once the customers’ order is confirmed, the app sends an alert message regarding the order details via push notifications.
  • The delivery person can use the GPS navigation system to locate the customer’s location and reach the destination by preferring the shortest route devoid of traffic.
  • Using the delivery status feature, the delivery person can update the status of medicine delivery like in progress and delivered.

Admin panel features

  • As an admin, you are able to manage the inventory in this panel. And, you get notifications regarding the expiration dates and low stock details.
  • You can manage the registered users and partnered suppliers/manufacturers.  
  • You can conduct marketing campaigns using the marketing tools available in the panel. This is to draw attention from more customers and increase sales.
  • You can check the earnings reports weekly, monthly, or yearly. In addition to this, you can get precise details about the app’s performance.

Best 6 on-demand medicine delivery apps in the market

Let’s see a list of the best 6 popular on-demand medicine delivery apps (apart from Uber for Pharmacy) in the market, which has gained attention from a wide range of customer base.

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Capsule
  • PillPack
  • NowRx
  • PharmEasy
  • NetMeds

Final note

Hopefully, this blog gives valuable information about the medicine delivery app development. Choosing the right set of features plays a vital role in framing the app’s functionality. If you are interested in developing the Uber for pharmacy delivery app, reach out to a suitable app development company. Discuss your idea and get your medicine delivery app designed and developed.

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