6 Types of Photo Albums You Need to Know

Types of Photo Albums

We all know photos are essential for saving memories of our lives. It can work as a time machine and take us back in time. Like yesterday I was flipping through the album of my grandmother and grandfather’s wedding. Those were in black and white films, a little faded but still clear enough to make me travel that era. Thus, it is important to save the photos safely to keep the memories alive.

And as a photo album maker, you have the honors to provide them with the safety of their precious memories. As you might be aware, there are many factors to consider while choosing an ideal photo album like:

  • Type of album
  • Photo capacity
  • Size of the albums and photos
  • Cover window
  • Binding and cover material
  • Photo pockets

But most important is purpose. There are albums for weddings, baby’s journeys, etc. These albums are made according to the requirement of the purpose. Thus, here we have 6 types of photo albums for you based on various purposes. Additionally, you can use a photo album design software to make photo albums as per the requirement of customers and supply them with customized albums. Now let us see some common photo albums and their features.

1. Versatile Photo Albums

This photo album is best for every purpose. It can store up to 300 photos with 4 x 6 inches of size. Additionally, each sheet of the album has bidirectional pockets that can hold photos both horizontally and vertically on the same sheet. Each sheet includes a memo area next to each of its pockets. This is useful to write specifications like names, places, dates, etc.

These sheets and the plastic pockets are lignin, acid-, and PVC free, thus your photos can stay safe from yellowing or fading its quality.

Now let us talk about its outer covering. It looks attractive and classic with its usual leather style. This cover has a deluxe raised rounded spine. This cover makes the album versatile for every occasion.

2. Baby Photo Album

Customize your baby album by adding personalisations
Customize your baby album by adding personalizations

As the name suggests, a baby album is for holding all the baby’s milestones. This album includes 5- acid-free sheets and ample space for journaling. There are even special pages to keep the prints from the hospital or from a birth announcement, homecoming, etc. This album is not designed to hold many photos. You can add one or two photos per sheet.

Additionally, the photos need to be glued to the sheets as the sheets do not have pockets. This album comes with a clean-touch ink pad where you can have handprints or footprints of your baby without damaging the baby’s skin. Usually, its cover has two frames to add the two most precious photos from the album.

3. 3-Ring Photo Albums

If you want to organize a large number of photos with big sizes efficiently then 3-ring Photo Albums are for you. These are 8.5 x 13.3 inches and come in sets of two. Each album can hold 504 photos, and if you want to add more photos, then you can purchase and add refill sheets too. Also, the album is made from archival materials that keep the photo-safe from fading. The pockets of the sheets can hold three photos of 40 x 6 inches in size. Also, these photos offer only horizontal accommodation.

4. Photo Album With Scrapbook Pages

This photo album reflects luxury and keeps your photos safe. It is 13.25 x 10 inches in size and can hold up to 400 photos of 4 x 6 inches or 200 photos of 5 x 7-inch photos. But this album does not have pockets on the sheets, so one needs to use photo mounts or double-sided tapes to stick the photos to the sheets. Each sheet has a semi-transparent sheet that protects photos. The album has 100 pages, including 50 sheets of cardstock pages.

5. Wedding Photo Album

Personalize your wedding Photo Albums covers
Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding albums come in various designs and capacities. They can be customized as per your requirements. Wedding albums usually are 14.5 x 13.4 inches and have 120 pages to add your photos of the big day into it. It has 10 x 10-inch frames on the cover to fit your most precious photos in it. The sheets and pockets are made of acid-free materials to keep the quality of the photos as high as the original for years.

6. Mini Photo Album

Fujifilm and Polaroid are loved by people for their vintage film look on the photos. And since these cameras provide film photos, it is necessary to take extra care of them. As the film is fragile and, more importantly, not archival, one needs to allow them to dry out for a few weeks before storing it under the plastic pockets in the album. The albums have PVC pockets that can hold up to 128 Instax or Polaroid mini photos. Just like film photos, this album is classic and modern in terms of usage and looks.

As you read, these are some photo albums you can offer, and as said earlier, you can always give your customers an option of customization. You just need to install a photo album design software with your software and create customized albums by using its tools. Ensure you provide safety for the photos regardless of any album the customer chooses.

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