‘Two Plains and a Fancy’: Movie Review


Leve Kalman and Whitney Horn "Spa Western" is a weird happiness. The latest features of writer-director Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn (retired) - as a part of Brooklyn's annual BAMCinemaFest world-premiere in a spontaneous and innovative way. It is a period of time, set in Colorado in three days in September 1893, just after the start of Denver's deception, it does not try to hide its excessive desecration. Although shot at the position, it often seems that we are in a low-grade TV western backlit set.

Signposts that seem to be fresh from the production design, the paint is just dry, "Town" or "Candy" or products such as advertising. The dress is very clear if it has been plucked to some high-end vintage shops. Even cinematography ("Shot in Kodak Motion Picture Film") is literally blurred, in fact, by adding a wrong view of reality by covering each scene and sunflower landscape with a little visual fork. Greeting visitors seem to be maintaining an off-balance. Imagine Alex Cox's fantasy-prone state climber Walker (1987) re-pregnant as a paranoid story of a half-sick, half-tender cinematic Sophronia or Dead Man (1995) of Jarmask, who, with time, divides his own disintegration.

If you do not know that your sort of thing is fairly fast, perhaps the letter can introduce itself as the owner of a common shop as central trio Ozanne Le Perrier (Laetitia Dosch), Ulta Maria Sophronia (Mariana McClellan), and Milton Tingling (Benjamin Crook). Lazy Names Maintains Strangers: Le Perria is a French geologist who has much knowledge of Cliffs and crags of Colorado; Sofronia is a former actor-artist Mystic (who can still be a concert artist), and Tingling is a Dandi / watercolor painter, whose attitude towards neighboring neighbor is alternatively stimulating and humiliating.

Three tourists are exploring several rehabilitated hot springs (hence the name of the weird pattern of the movie - "Spap Western"), which closes all the back paths and especially in the stereotype. Does it seem to be made of nothing but detours when it calls to blame their travels? Robert Altman was able to be perfectly happy by Sophrenia as a former volunteer on a regular basis by Michael Murphy. The group is friendly and has several Tequila-fuel talks with a pair of cowpokes called Ken Bose (André Frechette III) and Cliffe Perfect foto (Trevis Nutting). The film's best sequence, Sophronia led a seance outside of a whorehouse which only covers about Scratch as candlelit - can be described as sexual look climaxes

Such a character is amazed by a cat and how quickly it is seen in the week is beautiful pussy's quick comments. This is a movie that is often consumed by a horrific panic, it is a great courtesy of the great Atkinson and Taylor Cooper. Would it be more confronting or disturbing about La Peri, Sophronia, and tingling that I see doll dolls like a puppet of horse racing?

Two plain and a fancy fraud on a Kickstarter budget is a cosmic joke. For criticizing Jessica rabbit, it lets me laugh.

Production Companies: Ball Deep Int'l
Cast: Benjamin Crotty, Laetitia Dosch, Marianna McClellan, Maria Cid Avila, Alex Decarli, André Frechette III, Libby Gery, Michael Murphy, Travis Nutting, Kim-Anh Schreiber, Logan Boyles
Directors: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
Writers: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
Story: Sarah Dziedzic, Whitney Horn, Lev Kalman

Producers: Abby Eudora, Annalise Lockhart, Nathan Silver, C. Mason Wells
Cinematographer: Whitney Horn
Editors: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
Original Soundtrack: John Atkinson, Talya Cooper