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TSS 482 Visa

There are specific occupations in Australia where there are not many skilled Australians. To solve this problem and bring qualified and experienced persons to work for these jobs in Australia, Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482, or TSS 482 Visa, is used. All these professional roles are included in the list of short-term skilled occupations.

TSS 482 Visa

What Is Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482?

The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482 is a temporary visa that will allow you to live in Australia from 2 years (in case of short-term stream) to 4 years (for a medium-term or if your job is subject to International trade obligations). You will be granted this visa when you are assigned to full-time work under a sponsoring employer and in a nominated occupation included in the Short Skilled List or Medium Long Term Skilled List.

What Are The Requirements For This Visa?

The general 482 Visa requirements are as follows.

  • You must have your job offer in hand.
  • In the past 5 years, you must have at least 2 years of necessary work experience.
  • You should be nominated for a definite position by a sponsor who has valid approval.
  • You should meet the academic requirements and also the English language proficiency criteria.
  • And, you must have relevant documents related to health and character requirements.

What Is The Age Restriction For A 482 Visa?

For the TSS 482 Visa application itself, there is no age restriction. But for Permanent Residency application, there is an age limit. You can apply for a PR after three years of work experience. Your age must be less than 45 at the time of application unless there is an exception.

What Are The Streams Under This 482 Visa?

In general, there are three streams under TSS 482 Visa.

Short-term Stream:

If you apply with an occupation included in the Short-term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL), you will be eligible to live in Australia with the visa for a maximum of 2 years. The validity is renewable for two additional years when you apply for it onshore. It can also be potentially renewable for two more years if you apply offshore, subject to conditions. Whatever may be the case, you should continue to satisfy GTE requirements.

Medium And Long-Term Stream And Regional Stream:

Suppose you have a nominated occupation listed on the MLTSSL or Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List or the ROL or Regional Occupation List. In that case, you can apply to stay for a maximum of four years. You can apply for the Permanent Residency after three years of work, depending on various factors like English language skills, age, health, and character criteria.

Labor Agreement Stream

What Are The Steps Involved In The Application Procedure?

There are three steps involved in the Visa Subclass 482 application procedure.

  • The employer must provide a sponsorship application.
  • The employer then has to give the nomination for a skilled position.
  • In the last step, you have to apply for a visa.

What Is The Processing Time?

The 482 Visa processing time fluctuates depending on the workload of the Department of Home Affairs. In general, the visa gets processed in 2-6 months.

How Can You And Your Family Members Benefit From This Visa?

Suppose you are the primary applicant for this visa. In that case, you can travel within Australia and also abroad while on this visa, and you have to do that work only where you have been nominated by your sponsoring employer.
Your family members can also travel within Australia and go out and can study or work here with no limitation.

Who Will Pay Your Costs?

Once you satisfy all the necessary 482 Visa conditions and get the visa, all of your costs related to the business nomination and business sponsorship must be legally paid by the employer. These costs may include consultancy fees needed for discussion with Migration Agent Perth. Passing these costs onto the visa applicant is legally not allowed.

However, the visa application fees can be paid either by your employer or yourself. It has to be decided upon negotiations.

What Are The Obligations Of Holding A Visa Subclass 482?

While staying in Australia, your health insurance must be maintained at the correct level. Be careful if you have any reciprocal health arrangements. It may not always be sufficient. As the primary holder of the visa, you should be engaged in an approved work. An approved appointment usually means the work under the occupation for which you have been granted this TSS 482 Visa.

If you want to get engaged in a different career, you should apply for a new TSS 482 Visa. You should only do the job for the employer who had nominated you for the visa approval. You should not stop your work for more than 60 successive days and hold any registration, license, or membership mandatorily required for the occupation in which you have been nominated. And finally, you should also obey each condition associated with the license, membership, or registration.

What To Do If Your Employment Is Terminated?

If any change occurs in the circumstances, you should first let the Department of Home Affairs know about it. If your sponsoring employer terminates your employment, you should do any one of the following.

  • You may look for another employer who can sponsor you, and before you start with the new sponsor, you should get your approval.
  • You may apply for a different visa type. But you should note that you may face complexities because of the time restriction of 60 days.
  • Or, you may leave the country within 60-day time, depending on the date of your visa grant.

Final Thoughts

This visa can pave a pathway to obtain the Permanent Residency, but it is possible in just a few circumstances. You can get it through the Visa Subclass 186. For any help regarding this information, you can contact Migration Agent Perth. They can help meet a registered Migration Agent in Perth.

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