Trump has approved NOW congress by quoting coalition threat


US President Donald Tram has banned North Korea for a year, he said, despite the nuclear threat to Pyongyang and the United States, the country still released a "remarkable threat".

The ban, which was renewed on Friday, was originally launched under an executive order in 2008.

After his talks with Singapore's leader Kim Jong-un on June 12, Trump said that the sanctions will not be lifted until further progress has been made in the nuclear facilities.

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However, he tweeted that "everyone can feel safer than ever in my office, there is no other nuclear shortage from North Korea."

On Friday's order it has been stated that "the existence and risk of the Korean Peninsula arms supply risk and the policies and policies of the North Korean government are releasing a tremendous and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy" United States. "

Military exercises

Meanwhile, some joint military exercises with Pentagon spokesman South Korea have been postponed.

After the top Singapore Singapore summit announced on June 12, the announcement of the cancellation of joint war games has surprised the Triplet Seoul and US military.

Repeated North Korean arguments, Trump said the games were "provocative" to Pyongyang and added that they were "very expensive".

He also speculated about the withdrawal of 28,500 US troops from South Korea. Exercise suspension was considered to be a major win for Pyongyang as well as a regional powerhouse and North Korea ally, China.

Pentagon spokesman Dana W. White said defense secretary James Mattis has been suspended.
Coordinating with South Korea "helps to achieve the results of the Singapore summit."

Last year 7,500 US soldiers and 3,000 South Korean troops participated in Freedom Guardian exercises, which the Pentagon has always maintained.