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Trump charity found a case of misuse of the foundation

New York Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Donald Tram for illegally withdrawing money from his Charity Foundation on Thursday. He has burned his picture while alleging involvement of his business empire and his film for White House.

The President blamed the case as politically motivated. The case was recovered from 28 million dollars and the extinction of the foundation.

A two-year investigation led to a closely coordinated effort between Trang’s campaign and based on Iowa’s meeting, he made more money for other people who took part in his political career. , The case says

“The Democratic Attorney General Barbara Underwood said in the case,” The foundation’s grants make Mr. Tram and demonstrates the campaigning charity and increases the candidate’s profile among the Republican primary voters and important parties “.

It is called “irrational and widespread political activity, the basis of repeated repetition and deliberate self-dealing transactions and failures in civilian duties”.

Among the two tweets, the tramam case called “ridiculous.”
“I will not settle this case!” She wrote.

The 31-year-old Foundation says it has paid more than $ 19 million for less than 19 million charity reasons and Trump and its companies more than $ 8 million. It has already expressed the desire to dissolve one more year ago, the charity added in a statement.

It is said in the statement that the Democrat Eric Schneider investigators began a spokesman for the former New York Attorney General Trump Opposition.

She resigned last month on charges of kidnapping of voluntary women, Schneiderman; He denied the allegations. Tram tweets also look at Sniderman’s resignation.

“New York’s Clinton campaigner Serenaidan has not been able to bring this ridiculous case, he has been in his office for nearly two years now, he resigned in disgrace with his office, and his disciples came with it when we cannot sit,” Trump said.

Schneiderman started investigating the charity and after Washington Post ordered it to fund the 2016 New York funding that personally benefited the presidential candidate.

Palm Beach, Florida, with $ 100,000 payment to settle legal claims against the Mar-à-la-Go Resort in Tram, The Post’s Comments, Some Expenses Discovered by The Post; $ 158,000 to settle a case over a reward for a Hole-In-One competition in Billiarlieff Manor of New York, Trium National Golf Club; And buy a 6-foot (1.8 meter) portrait of a tram in a $ 10,000 charity auction.

After the investigation of the Attorney General of New York began, Trump’s business empire redefined the foundation of the money spent on the dispute. And the film hanging at a Trump golf club in the Miami area was returned to the Foundation.

Under the resignation of Sniderman, the government’s lawyer, Underwood, said that he did not want to conduct the elections, he mentioned his results for the IRS and the Federal Election Commission for possible steps.

In exchange for their tax-exemption, charitable organizations have to follow certain rules, among them the strict sanctions against involvement in political campaigns.

According to the Trump Foundation’s mission, according to its funding laws, “direct, charity, religious, scientific, literary or educational purposes,” are used directly or through other organizations.

According to Federal Tax Rules, the charity’s documents say that its resources cannot be directly or indirectly benefited by its directors or officers and its activities can not benefit any political candidate or campaign.

The basis of the trump was “co-opted” by his presidential campaign, especially in the run-up to the Iowa number, the case says. On January 28, a Republican candidates dispute – 2016 – Four days before the Council – Trump instead of participating in a television gathering and funding for the veteran organization.

The incident raised nearly $ 5.6 million, which went to Trump Foundation, which was approximately $ 2.8 million; The rest were directly handed over to donors by donors, claiming the case.

Then the Foundation campaign ceded “control” on the members of the campaign, saying the case. “Is there any way we can do some division this week in Iowa?” Then-by writing a letter to the head office of the campaign manager Corrie Luvanovsky Trump, the organization of trump organization

Lewandowski did not respond immediately to a request for comments on Wednesday.

Foundation Calcutta gave a grant of five thousand dollars before, along with Trump, to present a demon-check in a campaign rally, Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University and GP Farwell, the son of late Rev, who was an army in GOP politics.

“How do you give money to the presidential candidate instead of paying back the money?” Little Falwell told the crowd at a trump rally. Large-scale tests include the address of the slogan foundation of the tram “America Great Again” campaign.

The trump has not personally paid any money, but after a few months, after media pressure, $ 1 million will follow through the commitment to donation.

FBI Director James Communications Hillary Clinton filed a case under the same day on the same day as the Inspector General of the Judiciary filed a report about the conduct of email investigation.


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