Trudeau, Macro’s G7 summit will be expected to have a tariff plan to alert Trump


Duties on the Prime Minister and French President Steel and Aluminum will harm the US economy, jobs

Canada and France plan to accept what their leaders described as the G7 Summit Donald Trump describes as a decent, cheerful but firm approach, his penal trade tariff will backfire and damage America's economy and employment

Prime Minister Captain Justin Trudeau and support for "solidarity" in support of the French President Emanuel Macron, in favor of the US president, to deny North Korea. Applicable pressure on stainless steel and aluminum import applied

The two leaders have a nasty message for the tram

Trudow said at a joint parliament press conference on Thursday that "American jobs are online due to his actions and his administration". "When we underscore it, and we see that the United States has many pressures, it will probably reconsider its position."

For Macran, pre-G7 meetings, Ottawa arrived on Wednesday night.

"A trade warp pays someone," he said. "It will start to harm American workers, the price of raw materials will increase and the industry will be less competitive."

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He said, "From the very beginning I did what Canadians had hoped from their Prime Minister, I was sincere and respectful, but I'm always firm in Canada's interests and our values, this viewpoint will continue," Trudou said.

Canada, EU vengeance
Last week, the United States announced that it has initially provided a discount on steel and aluminum tariffs given to Canada, Mexico, and EU.

Announcing that Canada withdrew an estimated $ 16.6 billion Degree on some steel and aluminum products and other products from the United States, including maple syrup, beer kegs, whiskey and toilet paper.

The EU has announced new responsibilities in response.

Macron said he failed to understand the trump to change his position on climate change, Iran's nuclear deal, and trade matters, but eventually, he cannot decide for the president of the United States.

"It is a historically and we need them, but we do not concede anything," he said.

Despite the tensions in the trade, Trudeau repeatedly talks that the G7 is a forum for world leaders which they disagree discusses, as well as common ground issues. Macron said the trumpet will be "welcome" in the rally.

Tram Tweets
The Washington Post report said that Trump is very encouraged to participate in the final conference, since its upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, it is considered as a demonstration and is not the best use of its time, because he is in touch with the core issues with its correspondence Keep it

But today, Trudeau said he was hoping in the President's presence.

He said, "Everything has recommended that he stay there for the G7, according to his tweet this morning".

In their bilateral meeting, Trudeau and MacCon also established 120 million Transantical Funds, which wants French and Canadian companies to expand their businesses to the continent.

'Smart way' forward
The two leaders signed a joint statement on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and agreed to formulate an action plan for international support, sustainable development and global gender equality development.

Macron was spent in Montreal in the afternoon, where he would meet Quebec's premier Philipp Zillard before departing for the Charlievivite in the evening.

After participating in a by-election campaign for Leona Bojin, Leucon-Lieu Fisard's Liberal candidate, Leon Bovin, Trudeau argued that he helped American consumers and workers in the interest of Canadians.

"It shows that I am protecting American interests because these tariffs are hurting American workers too," he said. "So if I understand the President that what he is doing may be unexpected for his own goals, then perhaps we can move more smartly."