Travelers Club Polaris Carryon 21 Luggage Reviews


Travelers club is one of the best luggage brands in the marketplaces. This brand has a wide range of soft side and hard side luggage. Among all the luggage, I used travelers club Polaris carryon 21 luggage. This is awesome and excellent luggage. I have good experience using Polaris carry-on luggage. I have been using this piece of luggage since December 2019. I am totally satisfied with getting the service from this best travel luggage. So, I will not forget to give a big THANK to the Travelers club brand. Although this luggage has some drawbacks, these drawbacks are minor compared to its all features. Below all the reviews are given from my practical using the luggage.

Polaris Carryon
Travelers Club Polaris Carryon 21 Luggage

Travelers Club Brand Reviews

Travelers Club (TCL) started its journey in 1986 in Southern California. They are committed to providing superior quality, innovative design, and reliable prices to the customers. TCL has been providing stylish, reliable luggage and many travel accessories. They are determined to become the top luggage brand within the next five years. It is one of the best luggage brands in the marketplaces.

Why Do I like Polaris Carryon 21 luggage most?

It is a good question why I like carryon 21 luggage. As I have used this luggage for almost two years, I made nine international travel across the Europe and USA. I have not found any major problem with this luggage. Still, now it is looking like a new one. 

Its metallic outlook makes me happier to carry this one with me for an international tour. I have not faced any problems with airline size and weight restrictions. It meets all the airlines required measurements. I can keep this luggage after the travelers club luggage. You can read more travelers club luggage reviews.

Common Features of Polaris Carryon 21 Luggage

Luggage Size and weight

Luggage size is one of the most important features of luggage for international travel. Every airline has luggage size and weight restrictions. Considering the international airline’s role, you cannot bring luggage that overs 22 X 14 X 9 inches. So, this size is the safe dimension for most airlines. If you bring the luggage for the international tour using the economic service, it is better to keep the luggage weight less than 50 pounds. If the weight crosses 70 pounds, you need to pay an extra charge for overweight. It is one of the best lightweight luggage and its weight is 7.04 pounds.

The overall dimension of Polaris luggage is 20 X 13 X 9.5 inch which meets international airline’s restrictions. 

Push Button Locking Handle

The handle is another important part of the luggage. It helps to bring the luggage on most of the surfaces. Polaris luggage has a multi-functional telescoping handle. It is made of long-lasting and durable aluminum material. There are three stages to lock the handle. The push-button helps to up and down the handle and control the length of the handle. 

Telescoping handle
Telescoping handle

Two more soft handles are existing in this luggage. They are placed at the top and sidebar of the luggage. These handles are more useful where you cannot use the push button handle. 

Spinner wheels

Spinner wheels provided me the most advantage using it. This luggage has four single-layer spinner wheels. They have molded four corners of the luggage. The wheel size is perfect considering the luggage dimension. 

Spinner wheels
Spinner wheels

I have carried more than 40-pound weight for every tour. As I made nine tours containing huge weight, the wheels provided great support. Spinner wheels allow to maneuver off the luggage easily. It is easy to rotate luggage 360 degrees. You need to push the handle; the rest will do the wheels. And you will feel it weightless.

Expandable facility

Expandable is a way to increase the volume of luggage than the original dimension of luggage. It allows packing more essential than the luggage capacity. This luggage has a 2-inch expandable facility. You need to unzip the zipper to use the expandable facility.

Interior and Exterior Design

It has a good interior design that makes me happy. Interior design can be divided into two parts. The upper part is covered with lining mesh with a zipper. So, you can keep the necessary element in this part. There is another zipped pocket at the middle of this part, and it is made of durable and lightweight lining fabric.

Interior design
Interior design

There are two pockets in the lower part, and they are also made of the same lining fabric. This part is the compartment to keep the necessary in this luggage. The elastic cross strap helps to hold the contents in place.

Polaris Carryon luggage has an amazing exterior design where everyone can fall in love. The metallic look makes the customer more attractive to choose it. The scratch design makes the luggage more important to make it high-level premium luggage.

Color combination

A good and attractive color can be the point to choose luggage. If the color is attractive, it will look more beautiful to buy it. Polaris luggage has three colors and they are copper, Pale gold, and silver. I bought pale gold color luggage and still now it is looking like a new one. 

Price of Polaris Carryon Luggage

Considering the common features, the price is affordable, and you can buy for less than $100. This price can vary from color to color. This price is not expensive if you follow all features and stylish.