A Comprehensive Guide On Developing An Accessible Transportation App For Elderly People

Transportation App

Transportation app is the major concern when it comes to elderly people. Moving from one place to another is not so easy for elderly people. Most of the time, they are dejected as there are very few options for them to commute. This is one category of people who need special attention. Transportation apps can help them to commute to different places with the tap of a single button.

Such elderly people and physically challenged people need accessible travel support. Here, accessible travel or accessible tourism refers to a term where the travel is accessible for all types of people to travel effortlessly. Generally, in this type of travel, the transportations are equipped with wheelchairs for the people to travel comfortably. 

Though the concept looks interesting, only a handful of countries have implied the same in their public transports. On the other hand, taxi companies have understood the scope of these services. 

I have highlighted the concept of launching a taxi app service specifically for senior citizens and physically challenged people. This might surely sparkle your mind to develop your own transportation app. 

Evaluate the various needs for launching a transportation app for elderly or disabled travelers

“Age is never a barrier,” goes a popular saying. But at times, this is something that we have to consider before making major decisions. At old age, it is not an easy task to travel from one place to another. This even hinders their emergency travels to destinations. 

Moreover, at this age, they will probably travel for medical reasons or travel for rejuvenation to places like yoga camps, fitness centers, etc. Apart from this, they will have their routine health checkups, dialysis, therapy, etc. For all these, they need proper vehicles that can take them to places safely and comfortably. 

The same applies to physically challenged people also. In Spite of their physical disabilities, they will have their priorities for which they have to travel. During such unavoidable situations, they need proper vehicles that can take them through.

You might all wonder what is so special about designing a vehicle specifically for the elders and physically challenged people? There are special transportations, specially designed for these people to give them extreme levels of comfort. 

The seating facility in these apps is not the same as what we see in normal vehicles. These vehicles have first aid and wheelchair accessibility. They have a specially arranged pattern for the seating.

Different types of transportations to understand before finalizing the one for your business.

There are different types of transportation networks associated with the travel of elderly people. They are basically categorized into two types – emergency medical transportation and non-emergency medical transportation. 

  • Emergency medical transportations are vehicles that people prefer during extreme emergency situations. 
  • Non-emergency medical transportations are specially designed for patients who have to be taken for medical checkups, medical tests, diagnosis, dialysis, and any other further treatments.

These two types of transportations have the slightest modulations but cater to the same reasons. But based on the nature or seriousness of the emergency, they will be preferred by the people.  

How to start an Uber clone app with facilities for elderly people to travel?

The concept of transportation apps for elderly people has just now started rooting up. This is the time you can sharpen your vision and look for ideas to develop a robust application.

With a Uber clone app as the base, you can develop a robust transportation app. There are several formalities in developing an app for accessibility.

  • Conduct proper market research

In this business, your major target is covering up the elderly people. So, you have to know the count and statistics about the total population of the old age people. You can also collect these details from the necessary census bodies. 

Once it is done, start analyzing the competitors in the market. This will help you know about how they lagged off to rectify the same in your app. 

  • Register your business officially.

The first step to start your business is to register yourself in the government. Since your business involves elderly people, it is important to satisfy all the requirements of the respective government. 

Your business will come under Non- medical emergency transportation. Soon after registering your business, proceed with securing insurance. This is something that you should not miss in your business. 

  • Start designing your vehicles

This is an important step in the development phase of your business. Approach different operators who are familiar with this business. From them, you can draw inspiration for your vehicle development. 

Approach government officials to get permission to use CPR and first aid in your vehicles. When elderly people or physically challenged individuals travel, these are must-have facilities to have in the vehicle. 

  • Invite proper drivers and assistants

While hiring drivers for your taxi app business, focus on hiring drivers with proper certifications and experience in handling these types of people. The drivers should have extreme skills in handling people with disabilities. You should also assign assistants to help them in passenger handling. 

Some of the noteworthy features not to miss out on your Uber clone

  • Firstly, the app should be user-friendly as most of the users will be from the senior citizen category. So they should feel comfortable using the app. 
  • The app should possess a simple registration process to help them book their rides easily. 
  • When the users register with the app, you can collect their medical history in case of some medical emergency.
  • The app can also provide a forum to describe the purpose of their travel to get more clarity.
  • While the users book their rides, you can collect information regarding the number of people accompanying them.
  • The app should provide GPS access for the users to trace the location of their cabs and their whereabouts. 
  • Integrate your app with diverse payment options to make it easy for them to pay for their trips. Provide as many options as net banking, mobile wallets, card payments, etc. 

Wrapping up

Though several countries are emphasizing developing accessibility-friendly destinations, it has still not caught the limelight. Now, it’s your turn to start searching for the right app development firm for your app development. This is the right time for you also to figure out ideas for launching a transportation app for elderly people.