Trade war of trump is meant to protect the American poor – so why is Leon’s plan business?


The increased trade warfare of President Donald Trump thought to be about the security of American jobs. But due to uncertainties of the construction, some businesses are forced to produce foreign workers and cut them on recruitment.

On Monday, Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson announced that it will be manufacturing for international standard vehicles for Europeans. Which will be an annual value of $ 100 million per year.

This step - Dow Jones sent down 500 points, as a result of a market sale - E.E. The reaction was that the price increase on the United States-produced motorcycle was 6 percent to 31 percent. There was revenge for importing trams of taxes on imported aluminum and steel.

"Harley-Davidson maintains firm commitment to US-based production, which is valued by riders worldwide," the company said in a statement. "E.U. Tariff is not the company's priority to increase international production to reduce burden, but it represents the only sustainable option for customers to access their motorcycles in the EU and maintain an effective business in Europe."

In contrast to the previous tariff system, this person has little in the way of the plan. That the business on their heels scales and left their surprise to whether the President's tariff is legitimate policy or only political bitterness.

"We are in a whole new world," p. Wells Arri, an international trade advisor who is George H. V.V. Under the work as a Trade Representative. Bush told NBC News.

Craig Kinson, an automobile industrial analyst with Robert W. Baird and Co, told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this week that "companies are stuck to defend left and right". "It is difficult to manage the business while changing the rules."

Harley is not the only company that does not want to rebuild its corporate model on the flight.

CEOs surveyed by the dominant business Roundtable Lobby said they have reduced their recruitment plan for this year, by 13 percent and trimed by 4 percent of their cost expectations.

Trump has raised tensions on trade war on Sunday, threatening a tweet to strike hard on imposing duty on US products in any country, claiming that "those who remove obstacles and tariffs or fill more than the relations of the United States".

"This administration is about the shock and the fear - and the trade policy is clearly by that design," said Orr. "That disorder is a good thing for this administration. It has people arms and it's purpose."

For now, Trump's trade war is spreading uncertainty and confusion among the workers and job prospects of those who have been elected.

On Mondays, President Donald expressed another disappointment on Monday. Tram's conservative trade arbitration identified something. It was a dangerous operation in uncertain economic waters.

Dow Jones delivers free news about 500 points that Trump is planning a crackdown on Chinese investment among US technology companies. The businessmen concerned about the President's efforts. To protect intellectual property instead of that it will be attractive to new entrepreneurs and investors in America's technology sector. Besides to Boeing, a number of key technology stocks have come down, including Intel, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, the parent company of Chipmara, the key company in China.

"It's a little bit because it's involved in investing, said Professor Michael O. Moore, professor of economics and international affairs at the University of Washington, that the prices of the products could change into hypothesis." Investments are more lasting. If you prohibit investment, it is something that goes away for years or decades, "he said.

The American technology company had long been demanding intellectual property and joint venture demand, which was the cost of entering the profitable Chinese market, but industrial observers say the tram administration did not do any harm to their threat to reduce foreign investment from them. That's trying to steal our technology, "according to a Treyine Secretary Steven Mnuchin Monday morning Secretary

The comment of the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg report said that the administration came to the conclusion that the administration is considering sanctions on the Chinese investment of American technology companies and some Chinese technology exports to China.

Commerce Secretary Dr. Vilber Ross said, "All possible possibilities are being monitored with advanced technologies, including potential changes in US technology control."

The tweet on the morning of Munquin was thought to be united in China, but the sophisticated trading lines have achieved intelligence-driven development goals made in China in 2052, a technology-forward policy has provided funding to some of the major technology sectors of Washington-based Rankle and Robotics, Space And arise like artificial intelligence There are concerns about the domination of the Chinese concern rayukti

"Obviously, we have been disappointed with Chinese efforts to transfer US partnership to China and other types of intellectual property," said Andrew Barters, vice president and chief analyst at Forrester Research. "On the other hand, I think many US technology organizations still see China as a great opportunity," he said, and commercial sanctions may have an impressive impact on American technology inventions and entrepreneurs.

More than 80 percent of Chinese coins sold in China are sold in China, said Mary Lovely, an effortlessly senior fellow at the Peterson Institute of International Economics and Professor of Economics at Syracuse University. "There are so many American jobs that support their sales, who are being risked by all of these," he said.

In the long term, it can fully run technical initialization outside of the United States. The jump reported at the end of the week that motorcycle producer Harley-Davidson would leave outside of the United States to avoid some of his producers. "Long-term costs will make it more unattractive here, produce and keep your headquarters here," he said.

Moore said that China has been aggressive in relation to forced transfer of joint ventures and technology, character and method - according to the journal, under the International Emergency Economic Power Act of 1977, investment restriction will be issued - easily expected.

He said, "I think this is a short-term strategy that is extremely bad for the long term bad results."