Today you need to know seven things

1. JuluGal Retro creates fashionable bags using recycled materials
Nujipo Jolulu is a creator of JuluGal Roda. Who created a cycled handbag and fashion accessories.
2. Vodacom is not the best network and MTN says so
MTN has won an appeal to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Tribunal. ASA today is ruling that Vodacom that must withdraw all material. The claims were about the group is that “SA’s Best Network for 3 years in a row” with immediate effect.
3. LinkedIn will tell you how long it takes for your potential work to travel
LinkedIn has launched a new feature that will help job seekers to see how long it will take to go to a job.
4. DT Host Village and Township Business Forum
The government will meet stakeholders today. The discussion would discuss how to grow and grow in the township and rural economy.
5. Take the regulator on the Eskom tariff in court
Power Utility Assum will review 5% tariff environment for its regulatory Nation Court
6. Millions of privacy settings in Facebook bugs 'public' switches
Facebook had a 10-day software bug that set an audience for "public". For public posts, even if they wanted to share it with their friends or small audiences.
7. Fink rating expected to make a rating
The Fitch Ratings Agency is expecting to make a rating decision on this week. And it has actually been robbed of the spotlight of the expected publication of other statistics, Business Day reports.