Tips to get the most from your marketing – from a $ 100 million brand


Marketing is the most important one - and the most difficult - the cost for a company. It is a common belief that if customers do not know about you, how do they know to buy from you?

However, if your marketing budget is non-existent or your business competes with multinational corporations which seem to be unlimited budgets themselves?

It's just a problem Bart CEO, associate founder, and CEO of Life E Good Good. After more than 20 years, he crossed the $ 100 million annual revenue of his company and learned one thing or two about the use of marketing efforts.

I recently talked to Bart that he was able to get marketing to create a multi-million dollar company and what others can learn.

1. Make it easy:

"When we started life better in a van, we saw the acclaimed brand logo like Ralph Lauren," Bert said. "We knew that these brands were millions of advertisements behind them and we only had $ 78."

Some companies educate millions of people for a logo connection with their product or service, but it's not even an option for Bart. Most of its impact with the possibility, he knew his company's brand would be immediately recognized and shared. He focused on a general statement: Life is Good.

Instead of choosing a hard-to-interpret symbol or relying on a name, Bart proposes to create a statement with your brand's logo and tagline which can be understood by a person who appears immediately.

2. Create community:

The biggest progress in marketing, Bert shared, focus on a community that will support the brand voluntarily.

"We saw companies like Nike are doing athletic intelligence," Burt said, "and we have seen people buying their products because they think they are part of that community."

Bert and his brother/co-founder, John, decided to celebrate what life is good for the community and decided to celebrate the fact that they are working in their world: obstacles in opportunity. "Our mother taught us when we were growing that the interests are more important than anything else," Bert said. "So that conversation we wanted to build a community around."

Once the community was identified, Bart and John would have to activate them. With less than $ 100, they have done it by their brand's message life.

3. Unity creates sales

"Because we have decided in life is good, we knew that our brand had to support that message," Bart said. "A man in our first T-shirt shows an ice cream cone feeding. You can not do multitasking while eating an ice cream cone so that we were trying to make it perfectly fit."

Once the customers have seen that the company's products are connected with a message that they can support as a community, marketing itself takes care of itself.

"Here, we live 'life better' as an everyday practice," he added. "This means that we are solving solutions based on the business problems we face. We look forward to seeing our community, and it encourages us to spread the message."