The quality of American food may reduce the health related costs

What we eat is important for our health; And what do we spend in healthcare? New research suggested that the average American's food quality may reduce the costs. It is associated with improved heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other major health problems.
Analyze the potential cost-effectiveness of healthy food types. As measured by the Healthy Diet Lists (HEI) and Mediterranean-style Food (MED) scores. It is analyzing in the study, among adults of major chronic diseases across the United States. Previous research has focused on specific populations or specific conditions like heart disease.
"We have seen that more than 20 percent of the population's healthy dietary measurements can save more than $ 20 billion. They can save in both direct and indirect costs associated with 10 major health statistics," said Lead Study author Dr. Carolyn Scford. Who is a senior consultant scientist in the exponent, a scientific consultant Firm. "This is what is a realistic transfer of food quality to a realistic transfer."
Schroeder will present the research at the American Society for Nutrition Annual Meeting in Nutrition 2011, 2018 in Boston. The research project is conducting by the National Dairy Council.
Scrafford's group estimates the cost savings of two situations. It is measured by the list of Healthy Diet (HEI) and Mediterranean-style food (Mathematical Ating Index (HEI)) and Metatical Style Diet. MED scores have earned ample amounts of ambitious statistical projects, due to which the US adults earn 80 percent of the scores on the same metric.
HEI and MED are both hygienic diets. Markers are often used to assess the childhood diet in the United States. The United States uses the 2015-2020 diary guideline when the MED first describes the food in the Mediterranean region. Used for and such as fish The elements emphasize, nuts, and fruits, along with olive oil as a healthy fat source.
The average American adult currently sees 60 percent loyalty to HEI. If this 72% of obedience is increased then analyzes can save the health-related costs of the United States 30-47 billion dollars a year. According to more ambitious statistics, if average American adults increase their HEI by 80 percent then researchers will run the annual savings project of 52-822 billion dollars.
Half of this half reduces the amount of cardiovascular consumption associated with cancer. And savings besides to the cost associated with cancer and type 2 diabetes. Heart disease is very common in the United States. A small improvement in food quality can mean significant cost savings, researchers say.
Average US adults currently used to calculate the adherence of Mediterranean-style food. MED score of 9 possible points scored out of 3.5. This allegation is rising by 20 percent. The researchers are approximately $ 21-26 billion annual savings projects. The low assumptions that there are five health outcomes disease like stroke, type 2 diabetes, hip fracture, Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer are in the higher speculation. There are five types of cancers along with all types of cancers. Other health results include more than 80 percent of the United States. It will consume more elements of their Mediterranean species.
"Our results suggesting that this dietary patterns and their ingredients are suitable for educating the Americans. It is encouraging them to make slight changes in their food quality," Schröfford said.
The healthy US- and Mediterranean dietary patterns will affect the impact of the disease rate among adults in the United States. The regular publisher scientific literature is analyzing specific endometrial results and adherence to adherence to specifications. They measured HEI or MED scores then they used in the study data to model the growth or decrease of expected health risks.
To estimate health care costs, the team uses information from the American Heart Association. The American Diabetes Association and the National Cancer Institute of National Institute of Health, along with the costs of the report related to the hip fracture and Alzheimer's disease. Cost estimation includes both direct cost - such as treatment fees, devices, and medicines; And backward costs.