The moment explains the picture, agreement signed by the two parties


"Excellent to meet Mr. President," Mr. Kim

It was a strong handshake under pressure on each other. But Mr. Kim was significantly smaller than Mr. Trump, the President of United States. leaders usually give uncomfortable long ones lasts only seconds instead.

A month before South Korean President Chandra Jao, the Hitscake was very dramatic with Hong Kong. Where he held the hand of Sri Chandra and brought North Korea under his leadership.

The agreement signed by the two parties is unclear and lacks in detail. It is only making the United States and North Korea the Korean Peninsula nuclear.

There is no mention that the process should be verifiable or irreversible - which applies to the United States. There is no schedule for North Korea's disarmament and there is no invitation besides to the permission of the Inspector of Arms.

Both sides have pledged to continue negotiations and will work to establish a lasting peace regime. It can lead to a contract that can end the 70-year war of the Korean Peninsula - but it shows as a long-term process.

But it's something to build at least one starting something. The permanent image of this day will be a North Korean leader shaking in the hands of the President of the United States. A strong signal that this relationship has changed between the two-decades-old enemies.