The Google Marketing Platform market is rich in their business and customers are born to win

Google has launched its new Google Marketing Platform. It is dedicating to the strong market based on today's introductory customer awareness and privacy preference.
Google recently conducted a global survey across the marketing industry. And perfected that the marketers would like to know more about the customers before going to the next level. According to the platform, providing tools to improve collaboration and sharing features in marketing.
The marketing platform brings together Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick Digital Marketing together in one place. It is optimized for marketing, purchasing, measuring and digital media marketing, providing places for relevant and effective marketing.
It has been noticed that using advertising and analysis technology provides growing results in the market together. For example, the booklet was able to convey to the customer using Analytics 360, and its decision helped show it and create a video 360 campaign. At the end of the day, the company's revenue could increase by 20%
With Google's marketing platform, there is a jump to feature to increase the effectiveness of new age marketers. There is an integration center that lets you create valuable connections between products.
In addition, support for platform convergence solutions, exchange and technology providers with 100 compromises. This means that the media selects the media to buy, sale types and measure the type of measurement.
Turns on the platform to specify some of Google's advertising products. The DoubleClick Search name is Search Ads 360. It can help you with your search campaign in Google Search Engines on various search engines.
Other changes include Show and Video 360. Which bring features of Google's Display Advertising products, and to host new features in the future. They remain as DoubleClick products and campaign managers.