The future of marketing is information-driven, creative, and man-oriented


For most of the history, digital marketing is essentially compatible with traditional marketing methods in digital space. Whether online, mobile or social spaces, organizations are primarily stuck in a new way of bringing a part of the creative and simultaneously broader audience broadcasts.

Thing is there, there is plenty of evidence that this method does not work, not in the sense that they are supposed to: Increase sales of a product or use a service. Digital advertisers' favorite all metrics - view, click, engagement, site time - not meaningful results for the client They only mean little.

And when you are sending marketing messages to the most potential audience, there is no way you can guarantee the results.

That's about change in a big way. Digital ads became more personal, allowing information organizations to target highly relevant messages at a different level. Instead, it is a man-based marketing method and it is a total game-switcher that has the potential to produce results in real business.

What do we mean by man-based marketing?

To explain what people-based marketing is, it can be noted that the goal of ongoing online marketing work is to let you go to your bank's website. A cookie will be served and your bank's ads will follow around you on the web. But the only information cookie made is because of your interest in the bank, there is a good chance that the services you provide may already be for your used products.

This method is based on the idea that the agency retains the key of any data that the business should use in its marketing efforts. True, however, most organizations can only access data provided by third parties - like Google or Facebook

In fact, most of the companies sit in a real estate, especially in the form of their CRM data.

Knowing it, people-based marketing narrow down many things. So, for example, if you are looking for a car online, you may offer relevant payment from your bank offering ads for special rates

It is, in other words, a method which acknowledges you become a person with your own unique needs and needs.

How does it work?

To create custom profiles, man-based marketing uses data learning, user location, online user behavior, purchase behavior, and publisher data. These profiles then match the advertiser to ensure that people get relevant marketing for them and that work for the best business interests of the customer.

How does technically work?

From a technical standpoint, man-based marketing first, and third-party data management platform (DMP) adds data by adding data and then connecting this data through DSP (Google Double Click Manager) to advertisers interested in communicating with them. Modern Media.

It can sound complicated, but in reality, this is the best way to target real people. Even better, it will suggest a methodology to customize the technical coordination of its practitioners and the best tech solutions - depending on what information is sitting on advertisers and brands.

Companies that man-based marketing will move one step further. They will not only customize your data, integrate and create tech, know how they can communicate with the audience once and communicate with the service.

The information that companies are sitting on is a goldmine that is used correctly, it can completely transform its consumers' way of negotiating a business.