The Facebook shows all the ads start running a page

Facebook pages now include ad ‘Information and Advertising’ category. Which lists all the advertising lists are operated on all pages on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger.
Facebook continues its transparency of pages and advertisements. Now with the “Information and Advertising” category on the page. Which lists the ads that Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger share along with the Facebook partner network pages.
This means that anyone can go to the page and see the full scope of the advertisement. Whether the ads are targeted by the user. If it is suspicious, by clicking the “Ads Advertising” button, there will be an option to advertise the flag.
Besides to displaying all the ads running a page. A page detailing the details of the Facebook page and sharing the detailed information. And if there are no recent changes to the page.
“Most of the Facebook ads are running by legitimate organizations. It is a small business for new customers. A campaign team for money or an ongoing politician for an officer. But we have seen that bad actors can also abuse our products – said ” Facebook’s Product Management Director Rob Leighton. Its product marketing director Emma Rodgers wrote, the company Mbada blog.
This update was first announced in October last year. The recent changes to Facebook’s political advertising policies. A new page will appear on how Facebook shares the following video:
Facebook has said that there are plans to add even more information soon. It is expanding searchable archives of the same political advertisement labels and ads. The first time in Brazil in America – for the first time in the country’s upcoming October election
Both Facebook and Twitter recently made extensive changes to their advertising policies. It is aiming to protect their platform against the rumors in the appetite during the 2012 presidential election. Today, twitter advertisements have launched a searchable database of advertisements. It includes such as the Transparency Center, the Facebook’s advertising archive so that any app can view the app running in the last seven days.