The biggest names of Chinese technology


Here are some Chinese tech world's biggest names:

ZTE Corporation: After the occupation of Afghanistan on behalf of Washington and Iran on the export of Iran and North Korea, the organization of network gear for the phone and internet companies has almost gone out of business. State-owned ZTE says it spends 13 billion yuan ($ 2 billion) a year for research and development, but the company still requires US materials and technology to convince the company to abolish sanctions on Iran and North Korea's export of US technology in 2017. Washington accuses April in connection with the settlement of the suit in April and imposes a seven-year ban on the purchase of US technology - which could cause its chairman to destroy the ZTE. The company is delivering approximately $ 1.9 billion annually to the American technology supplier. To regain access, ZTE agrees to pay a $ 1 billion fine, replacing its executive team and embed a US-elected consent group of the company.

Foxconn Technology Group: After the long work behind the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer scene began to promote its own brand, founded in 1975 by Taiwan entrepreneur Terry Gou, more than 10 million people in Foxconn China's factory, Apple Inc., Dell Inc. And Sony Carp. Dan High High Specification Industrial Company, also known as Foxconn, combines smartphones, computers, and other products. , Expanded overseas, opened Brazilian factories and announced plans for the first US Fascist of Wisconsin last year. The organization has faced complaints of workers about the possible violation of the use of low labor and overtime and defective workers. Foxconn purchased Sharp Corporation of Japan in 2016 and Belkin International Eak, Consumer Electronics Brand of the United States. Announced this year's plan for achieving.

Huawei Technology Agency: The biggest global supplier of network gear behind Samsung and Apple, and faced with complaints of low 3 smartphone brands. Established by a Chinese military engineer in 1987, Huawei was ranked first among the Chinese companies in the research and development sector, and the total amount of 2017 increased by 17 percent to 89.7 billion yuan ($ 13.8 billion). The officials of the United States, Australia, and other countries have expressed concern that Huawei is at a risk of security. However, refusing to help China's military or detective agencies, the company said, In 2003, the Cisco system accused Huawei's source code and the patent copy of the infringing but the Chinese company dropped the lawsuit and other features removed from the scandal.

BYD CO.: Founded in 1995 to create rechargeable batteries for toys and mobile phones, BYD is one of the largest global electric car manufacturers. BYD - Small for "Make Your Dreams" - sells electric cars and buses in Europe and Latin America and there is a factory in Lancaster in California where electric buses are produced. It has expanded between solar energy, light rail, and other fields. This year, American magazine Fast Company has ranked Baid No 2 on the list of the world's largest energy industry "most innovative".

Sinovel Wind Group Co: One of China's largest builders of the wind turbine, Sinovel is charged with a federal court in the United States of America, stolen software from AMSC, a former supplier of Massachusetts. Part of a company's Chinese wind industry, which has increased due to Beijing's support for renewable energy to reduce imported oil and gas demand. In 2013, the company was accused of stealing the AMSC software. In the same year, Sequel had closed its international units in the United States, Canada, Italy, and Belgium, but said it was not related to the prosecution. The United States Department of Justice said that the fine of Sinnov's trial faces the potential of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Hiccion Digital Technology Agency: It is a security risk for a state-owned company that says it is the world's largest video surveillance equipment supplier. Hikvision said its customers include Florida Universal Studios Theme Park, a London District Government, Dug South Korea City and the Malpensa Airport of Milan. Workers in the US Video Surveillance Industry have sent Hackhawson to China's headquarters with the features of its products, without the knowledge of its customers. Last month, a military spending approved by the US House of Representatives included restrictions on government purchases from bill hiking.

MINDRAY Bio-Medical Electronics CO., LTD.: An original division targeted by Washington's tariff home threat of China's largest manufacturer of ultrasound scanners and other medical equipment. Established in 1991, Mindrey works in 32 countries and says that its equipment is used by hospitals and other medical and veterinary institutions in 190 countries.