The best new print product named Caucus has been named by the International News Media Association


The team of journalists investigating the Caucus magazine and the State of Pennsylvania in connection with the corruption of the state government has developed a pair of their International News Media Awards.

A publication of the weekly newspaper, LNP Media Group, was launched in January of 2017, by the International News Media Association, the best new printing product of North America's top regional brand is named and named.

LNP Media Group chairman and publisher Robert M. "Steinman Communications and LNP Media Group agreed to recognize our readers for the best readers for our readers through our fellow news agencies around the world," said Crosven.

"The real honorees are LNP's journalists, editors, page designers, graphic artists, photographers, subscriptions database managers, marketing teams, pressmen and mailroom staffers who contribute to all the crafts success, and the real winners are Commonwealth citizens who benefit from the sun. The government has brought it. "

Washington DC on Monday A program was organized at Mid-Central American Theater. Coke Editor Tom Mors, who was news and sports editor for LNP, represented this weekly publication on the occasion.

Under the leadership of Brad Bamstead, author of a book on political corruption and a journalist by Moses and bureau chief, in Caucus, Pennsylvania, which runs a newsroom step from the state's Capitol.

"The prizes reflect the efforts of the Caucus team and a publication of LNP Media Group's commitment to increase transparency and access to public meetings and records," said Bamstead.

Paula Nudsen, an attorney of Pennsylvania Newsmedia Association and former legal director of the investigation team; Pittsburgh based data and document reporter Mike Wiercechgin; And San Geschich, who also included politics and government for LNP at Lancaster.

To celebrate Kaks as the best new print publication, the judges of the International News Media Association described the newspaper as a "great campaign" as "bold concept".

Daily Bhaskar's second highest daily newspaper was Runner Up's new publication; New York-based Newsmedia Media Group; India-based ABP, which operates the Indian Hindi news channel ABC News; And Herald Sun magazine in Melbourne, Australia

In North America, Calcutta was also known as the best regional brand; Judge of The New York Times, the best national and global brand on the continent

27 panelists of 277 media companies in 39 countries have nominated 27 finalists, an international panel of media executive.

"If there is a theme raised among the winners of this year's Global Media Awards, it will be about the communication between a media company and the quality of information gathered by news brands during the daily running of false information explosion and algorithm, data, and machine learning," Executive Director of the International News Media Association and CEO Earl J Wilkinson said.

LNP Media Group launched Coke with a strong investigation report on the Capitol and the mission to analyze state government operations.

During the first 17 months of operation, groups of journalists have broken stories with state language and national impact.

The coverage of a state lawmaker's newspaper in the most high profile, the Republic of Nick Miccarelli, who is accused of physical and sexual assault. Delaware County Republicans filed a criminal investigation and a security mandate filed by another member of the House; He announced that he would not be seeking re-election this year.

This coverage discussed the state of sexual harassment and silence throughout the state. It also requested the New York Times to send a journalist to the Capitol. After the Times, a front-page publication on Sunday in this case, raises pressure on legal leaders to expel the law enforcement agencies.

Caucasus Pennsylvania State Police has broadly reported on revenue of approximately $ 8 million to pay a dozen sexual harassment and abuse cases against the jawans; Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack's allegations of corruption and security details (later stack lost in early stages); And about $ 1 billion, taxpayer-funded emergency radio bodoglog.

Cousins said: "Caucus, which carefully, lighted the darkness of the state government in a thoughtful and justifiably and unemployment and fraud, it has started to create a good place for living, work, and business for all Johnson-based citizens."