The administration will present the immigrant children in tents in Tornillo, Texas


Trump administration has selected a border feature near El Paso for the construction of a tent city with 450 beds for immigrant children

According to the tram administration decision, according to the three sources, Tornola, Texas, was selected for the construction of tents to increase the domination of immigrant children, some of them separated from their parents under the new "zero tolerance" policy.

A large tent will be set up in the Department of Health and Human Services, whose wall will touch the ground, which is estimated to be 450 beds for children.

This will not be the first time that the US government has built the tent of a homeland for home immigrants. US Customs and Border Protection uses tents for immigrants' aggression in 2014 and at the end of the Obama administration. But now the flow of a special immigrant population - in this case, the children - a government-made problem.

All adult immigrants are accused of entering the United States-Mexico border entry gate on May 7, on the 7th of May, increasing the number of children needed to care for the border and the administration of the new trump administration. As a result, the Homeland Security Department travels with a child before the prosecution adult.

A shelter in Brownsville, about 1,500 children aged 10 to 17, opened the door to journalists on Wednesday. NBC News was the first visit to this tour, which is closely related to a prison and children go out every day for only two hours a day.

In HHS benefits, children overflow have backed up at border stations, the first stop for immigrants in the US. As of last week, children of 570 thousand millennia were in the custody of the border patrol and about 300 were detained for more than 72 hours, limited to the age-old immigrants at the border station.

Ron Vitilo, Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Division said on Thursday that about 1500 immigrants are being arrested for crossing the border illegally. Vitiello said that this policy is for families of immigrants to the US

He said, "If you apply the consequences of any illegal activity, you will get less," he said, the policy's defense. "Their intention that they will only be reconciled with their family members just enough of these shelters."

This facility has been developed for 52 days in Brownsville. Relatives of the United States cannot be found if they are sometimes sent to raise the house.

"The HHS is required to provide care and shelter for all unfinished children referred to by the [Homeland Security Department], and work closely with DHS on the safety and security of children and communities," a spokeswoman for the HHS said a statement.