Tesla chairman Elon Mosk has been sued in a police station


In an employee's email, Mr. Musk said that an unnamed employee has changed the indefinite coding for his production operating system and sent anonymous third party sensitive information.

The company has not commented and the complaint has not been verified. The matter will be investigated, Mr. Mask said.

"His entire range of actions is still not clear, but he has admitted so far that he is quite bad," he said at the e-mail.

"His motivated inspiration is that he wants a promotion that he did not get.

He quoted Wall Street branch vendor, oil and gas companies and rival businessmen, "You know that Tesla has a long list of organizations to die".

'Excellent Excellent'

In a separate email to the staff, Mr. Musse died on a small fire in Tesla factory on Sunday. Because it was fast perfect and did not cause any injury or significant damage, he added.

Michael Angel of British Engels Michael Morris tweeted a firefighting actress, Mary McCormom, in a Tesla car driven by her husband, in a video factory fire. Tesla said the fire was in the "unusual unusual phenomenon".

Last week, Mr. Mask said that 9% of Tesla employees will be cut as part of the rebuilding of Caracas, which was made almost 15 years ago, which did not make an annual profit.

After reporting quarterly losses of about $ 710 million in the first three months of the year, Mr. Mask came to criticize after analyzing "boring" questions from analysts.