Team project to launch conventional marketing; Qtum (QTUM) hopes to gain huge value in the currency


The Qtum project now draws its attention to more aggressive marketing efforts to push for greater acceptance and acceptance. The project's founder, Patrick Dai, who is leading Qatam Siun, recently tweeted about a new focus

According to him, this step should have come much earlier in order to popularize its higher platform, although there was a greater reason to blame the decreasing marketing motives. Following China's crypto coin sanctions and the risk of next regulation last year, Dai said that investors have blamed marketing efforts for investing in development activities. It is good to remember that almost 60 percent of Qtum nodes in China.

The push for more marketing came largely from the Qtum community and with a strong foundation to get the announcement of Die with lots of tensions, the community believes that missing elements are promoted in different forums for an aggressive marketing effort. They now have their wishes

Qtum currency pricing prediction

As the yogurt and Qtum coins follow through their commitment to the marketing campaign, one currency will look to see the huge value gain. From a technical perspective, one of Qtum's more powerful block bait networks is available. When more people know about Blocken and its features, it can get more activity. The optimists believe that this coin will reduce its current value tenfold. After declining to decrease a downward trend, immediate reduction of 5 percent.

Kutum Innovation

On the Twitter thread, Dai Kutum reminds the followers of the platform and followers of credit. Among the features, Mitsubishi noted that Bitcoin can manage 70-100 transactions per second compared to 15-30 Erasmus on blockchain and 3-5 per second. He said it is a faster and cheaper platform than Etherium to run a smart deal.

He offered a close release of the X8 Virtual Machine which later confirmed on a blog post of the development team. As per the post, x86 VM "Developers will have multiple language development tools and support prices, a more mature framework, a reasonable gas model and a platform for self-upgrading". Through design, developers can create Dapp in multiple languages with C ++, C, Rust, Python, and Java.

In spite of the improved features of Bitcoin and Outerrum, the blockquote will also be much improved when more improvements are made; Some similar features offer. It's common to hear comparisons between KUKU vs NEO, but there are more. The EOS project, which has created a record $ 4 billion from its IPO 6000 TPS and other interesting features. Qatam X Alpha Edition will transfer 1000 TPS according to Dai.