Tata Motors will take part in the funding of Amban of Tk 50 billion by 2020


However, Chief Tata Motors wants to keep control of Motors Finance Limited (TMFL), which plays an important role in its future development.

Tata Motors is open for partnership with its financial arm, Tata Motors Finance, which is expected to generate revenue of Rs 50,000 crore in the year 2020.

However, the automated profits controlled by Tata Motors Finance Limited (TMFL) hope to play an important role in their future growth, although it sells partnerships to other businesses or sells jute as part of some activities abroad. One of the exercises of reconstruction

"Of course, we are very clear that as much as we are now involved with Tata Motors Finance, we will invest as long as we are involved with Tata Motors Finance, but we have to explicitly say that it should always hold 100 percent. , "Said CFO PB Balaji analysts of the Tata Motors Group.

He said, TMFL is expected to have "very strong broad-based rebound", which increased by 24% in asset management in 2017-18 to 27 thousand 932 crores, which stood against the estimated cost of 227.117 billion in 2016-17.