5 Best Super Apps | Revolutionize The Lucrative On-Demand Market

Super Apps
Super Apps

The on-demand multi-service apps help businesses to increase the customer base and gain profits. Besides, this platform benefits both the service providers and customers and bridges the gap between them. The multi-service app is also known as Super app, which is designed and developed with an aim to provide various services to the customers hassle-free.

In short terms, a Super app is a one-stop solution that meets all the customers’ demands and expectations. Services included in this app are ride-hailing, grocery delivery, food delivery, house cleaning, and other on-demand services. Undoubtedly, Super apps are considered to be the latest innovation in the market.

The on-demand market was booming and projected to grow further as people are showing interest in getting everything they need via mobile apps. There is no wonder that entrepreneurs want to set foot into this booming market with a Super app. Are you one among them? This blog is for you. Read on to get insights into the development process of the Super app.

5 Best Super apps existing in the on-demand market

Before getting into the Super app development process, let’s explore some of the top trending super apps in the market.

  • Gojek

Gojek is a promising Super app that marked its presence in the South East Asia region. It is an Indonesia-based super app that provides 20+ services. It includes ticket booking, food delivery, grocery delivery, booking an appointment for a consultation, eCommerce, and many more.

  • Grab

It is Southeast Asia’s popular super app that offers various services such as delivery, mobility, financial services, etc. It gave tough competition to Gojek and surged its revenue to $1 billion. The company employs more than 2.8 million delivery persons and has more than 140 million app downloads.  

  • WeChat

It is one of the pioneers of super apps. It started as a messaging platform and later included other services like taxi booking, food delivery, bus ticket booking, and payment transactions. This app has over a billion monthly active users each month.

  • Alibaba

It is a leading Chinese e-commerce marketplace that provides a legion of services that includes services offered by Grab, WeChat, and Gojek. It flaunts a system principally through AliPay, which is considered to be an effective model.

  • Rappi

It is a Colombian company that has been defined as the Latin American Super app. It focuses on delivering food, alcohol, medication, and groceries. Initially, it was started to provide food & grocery delivery service. As time flew by, it expanded its service to bill payments, travel, and bike rental.

Step by step instructions to develop a Super app

Step 1 – Conduct market research

The first stage is to determine your target audience and understand their expectations and demands. Also, know competitors’ strategies and which audience they are targeting. Doing this helps to frame a successful business plan to reach your target audience.

While defining your buyer persona, you have to focus on key characteristics like age, location, gender, job title, income, and major challenges. Collecting customer data and competitive analysis are the two main factors to build a successful mobile app.

Step 2 – Decide on a platform for app development

Choosing the number of platforms for your app relies on your target audience. If you like to target only a specific audience set, you can prefer to go with a single platform. If you need to get attention from a wider audience base, you have to develop two separate apps (Android and iOS).

There are three options to develop on-demand apps: Native app, Cross-Platform app, and Web app. You can opt with one option according to the resources availability, budget, and other requirements.

Step 3 – Choose the features

Feature-set integration plays a vital role in the Super app development process. Including user-friendly features makes the checkout process simple and easy. A list of some of the indispensable features of Super apps is mentioned below.

  • Social media integration
  • GPS
  • Multi-language support
  • Push notifications
  • Schedule booking
  • Multiple payment gateways

Apart from these, you can consider offering advanced/innovative features depending on the services you provide in your on-demand multi-service app.

Step 4 – Technology stack used for app development

To support the multiple functionalities, technologies used to build the app should be robust to handle those functions seamlessly. A standard technology suite comprises Comodo SSL, Bootstrap, Fabric, Android Wear, Crashlytics, HTML5, New Relic, Laravel, Google (Cloud messaging, Maps), and so on.

Step 5 – Cost estimation to develop the super app

You can consider launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just sufficient features which can be used by the customers as they can provide feedback. Later, you can make necessary changes in the app based on the customers’ expectations.

The simple MVP app cost nearly around $10000 – $15000, whereas a readymade app cost around $15000 – $25000. And, a custom-build super app cost ranges between $50000 – $100000. There are multiple factors to determine the cost of Super app development. 

Some prominent factors are feature-set integration, technology stack, app platform, app developer’s location, and third-party service integration. In a nutshell, it mainly depends on your business requirements.

Step 6 – Monetization strategies

You can generate a significant amount of revenue from a Super app as you are offering multiple services. Revenue models that you could consider are commission fee, customer fee, delivery fee, and in-app advertisement.

Step 7 – Choosing the right technology partner

It is highly recommended to choose a suitable technology partner for developing a Super app. Try to consider preferring a company that has experience in super app development. Visit a company website and check out the portfolio to get an idea.


As many entrepreneurs wish to enter the profitable on-demand market with a super app, it is necessary to differentiate from them as competition surges with time. 

Do you know about clone apps? It is a replica of the original version of the existing app with the same functionality. You can opt for the clone app instead of starting developing an app from scratch. Approach a company and get a readily available Gojek Clone app for your on-demand business.