Starting Business with a Screen Printing Machine


Screen printing is a very ancient and effective printing method. Even in modern times, screen printing is still now considered one of the most popular printing methods. Easy but effective printing is the prime reason for the popularity of this printing method. Screen printing business is, of course, a good option for earning a considerable amount of money with some investment, little knowledge, and simple effort. Screen printing business has immense potential to thrive but at the same time, it has many challenges to solve. There are some simple but hidden tricks to with which it is possible to shine in this field within a very short period of time.


Reasons to Start Business with Screen Printing Machine

  • Huge Potential Market: In fact, there is a huge market for screen printing, especially for t-shirts. It is possible for you to grab your local market for which big companies will not come to compete with you.
  • Minimum Space Requirement: It is possible for you to earn hundreds of dollars per hour with a screen printing machine sitting at your own home. A screen printing machine can be set up within a very tiny space.
  • Easy Marketing: You need not face any trouble with marketing if you can manage local stores where you would supply the printed products and they will sell. You can collect materials to be print very easily.
  • The scope of Establishing Own Brand: There is a chance to establish your own brand and you can promote it with this printing business very easily. This printing business opens the scope for you to become your own boss.
  • Tax Benefit: This business can give you tax benefits by helping you to reduce taxes.

 So, plenty of reasons are at the list to think about starting a business with a screen printing machine.

 Reasonable Price of Screen Printing Machine

Price of the available screen printer machines of the market is very reasonable. Price of screen printing machine varies from low to high. If you are a beginner, then screen printing machine of low and intermediate price is for you. For pro-level printing purpose screen printers of high price are available. A 4 color 4 station Superland screen printing press costs $309.99. Ridgeland 4 color 1 station screen printing press costs $152.99. Ridgeland is the best screen printing machine for small business. It is also termed as the best screen printing machine for beginners. So, variation in screen printing machines price exists. You can choose the best reason one for starting your screen printing business.

Cost of Running Screen Printing Business

The wholesale price of 100 % heavyweight t-shirts is nearly $24 per dozens. Screens of pre-stretched type cost $25. For making a screen for using another $1.50 costs per screen. For saving the time of overall printing operation, you may prepare the screens earlier. Most of the time consumed by screen making and drying work. If you use a screen more than 20 times then it becomes cost effective. It is possible to print thousands of shirts from one 1 gallon ink. You should calculate the cost of your ink. If it is around $0.05 per shirt then it is okay.

If you want to calculate your total printing operation cost then the cost of electricity, space occupancy, heat, light etc. also need to be considered.

Time and Labor Needed in Printing

It has been mentioned earlier that the most time-consuming part of a screen printing work is preparing the screens for the printing. After making the screens ready for printing, it is the time to do the printing. One trick to save the time is cleaning and coating several screens simultaneously. If you have ready to expose screens, it is easy to expose and prepare the screens for screen printing within an hour.

The skill required for a running a screen printing machine is minimum. With little learning, you yourself may do this job. But, if your task requires the help of others you may appoint some person to aid you. After a little training, they will help you as a pro operator.

Marketing Your Product

With a screen printing machine,it is possible to print any design of any color. Creating a brand of your business is easier with this printing business. You may print nice designs on blank t-shirts and distribute them to advertise your business. If you don’t like hassles then you may contact local shops and deliver them only ordered works.

Tips and Tricks

  • Printing Scopes: Screen printing can be done on garments (t-shirt, uniforms, caps, sweatbands etc.), unusual materials (ties, towels, umbrellas etc.), flat materials (binders, mugs, mirrors, pens etc.). You may choose any of them to print on. For a particular type, you need to choose a special screen printing machine. For example, Superland 4 color 4 station screenprinting press is the best screen printing press for performing flat printing.
  • Choosing the Perfect Design: Choosing the perfect design helps to gain extra profit from the printing as it is accepted widely and easily.
  • Follow Special Dates and Events: Following the calendar is another special trick to earn easily from screen printing business. The demand of screen printing products rises on special events and some holidays. In addition to that, try to list every sporting season when the demand of uniforms remains very high.
  • Widespread Advertisement: You may contact sports teams, clubs, and business entities to advertise among them.
  • Timely Delivery: If order comes timely delivery should be done to achieve the confidence of the customers.
  • No Compromise with Quality:Try to maintain quality at high level. Never take orders at low rate at which you may not assure the desired quality. It damages business reputation highly.

So, in terms of versatility, durability, and vastness of variation screen printing machines are dominating the printing market. In fact, starting any business is challenging. It is, of course, more challenging to initiate and sustain in a competitive business, like screen printing. There is no alternative to keep variation in design and quality to get established here. Besides, advertising the product may bring you the scope to expand the business. So, ready, set, go. The vast opportunity of initiating a business with a screen printing machine is calling you.