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Standby Sports Lawyer in Russia

Behind the scene of the FIFA World Cup, international sports lawyer – Australian James Keeling, including co-teams are ready to work on a pitch to give a benefit.

They can not be the visible part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. They do not pitch, do not rush out. But international sports lawyers play an important role in major sporting events, and FIFA’s main tournament is not different.

Anti-doping disputes, trade restrictions, laws and regulatory concerns are often raised in this context. James Keeching, a Russian international lawyer, is a South Australian.

A university graduate in Adelaide, Kitching started her career as a public lawyer, but she said, “She was obsessed with the game and wanted to mold a job in sports and law work.”

Keiting took part in postgraduate studies in Europe – “FIFA Master” – Before taking the role of Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Until recently, he was the head of sports law at AFC, before starting his consultation. Saudi Arabia is with the national team in the Queuing World Cup.

“I have contracted to help them with any international sports law or regulatory issues that may arise,” explains Keiking.

“This is mainly a disciplinary issue. Regional behavior, equipment or commercial infringement, problems with the delegation.”

Quiching represents the example of Mexico, who is facing disciplinary proceedings on a homosexual homophobic scream. “The kind of thing I work with,” he said.

Ecclesiastical issues related to regional behavior in the tournament environment are the most common problems. After each match, both teams of FIFA make a decision with a confirmation notice and reciprocate the match to both sides.

If a player or coach is sent, the global regulatory body will give a notice because of a disciplinary show; They can issue these at any time to stop events that have missed the time of pitches or matches.

Once decided by FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee (such as a suspension withdrawal), the parties may apply to the Internal Appellate Committee.

If they are still unhappy, they can begin the proceedings of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which is a temporary presence in Russia for the tournament.

Players play often according to the capability to play in upcoming events, and there are short gaps between matches, time summary

“Sports needs quick decisions,” Kitching said. “Fifa decisions make organizations better for the rights of players and officials to take punitive action rights through faster trials.”

The CAS decision in the competition is issued within 24 hours. They usually take months, as Luis Suarez learned about his bite in the 2014 World Cup, which defeats Uruguay and is not scheduled until December.

Can not say how much Qwing was busy in the first week of the World Cup – “All FIFA Executive Secret” – Australian fits in several matches in Moscow, where he and FIFA legal team based. Saudi Arabia is not the only country with a legal law trained in the World Cup.

“The vast majority of football federations, including Australia, have a good sports law division, which raises classical issues at competitive times and monitors the clock that revolves around,” says Quenching.

He mentioned the 2010 World Cup, where Team Kahil and Harry Kewell both won a match ban after following the Red Card, as an example of Australia’s good work in this area as an example of football federation.

For Russia’s competing five Asian teams, lawyers can prove to be particularly prominent

“There is no official AFC match between the World Cup and the Asian Cup,” Kiting said.

The Asia Cup begins in January 2015 in the United Arab Emirates.

He said, “If a coach or player is suspended for a long time as an example, it will carry the Asian Cup.” “This is not like Europe where they have many capacities in the coming months.

“If anyone sends the game in the last match of the World Cup and imposes a six-match ban, then they will be Asia Cup.”

The decisions made by the immediate decorated lawyers may seem to be far away from the global football pitches. But in modern football, this legal mind can make a difference on the pitch and off.

“Our job can be the difference between three matches and one match suspension – the difference between 16 rounds and can not be played,” suggests kissing.

“This is now part of football,” he concludes. “This is the reality of the game.”


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