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Smart segmentation, GDPR and email: Finance sense from the Cyprus XX Industry seminar


The new regulations have challenged in the conventional fashion that is marketed in the FX industry – FINANCIAL FIPDIS Cyprus FX Industries Seminar discusses today’s reality and future approaches to partners.

Has Email Marketing Gone For Good? How have new regulations reshaped foreign exchange marketing? What is the new solution for the brokerage marketing department? These are some of the questions that were held by the participants in the Marketing Panel during the Cyprus FX Industry Seminar on September 21, 2018, at the St. Rafael Resort in Leipzple, Cyprus.

The participants of the marketing panel managed by FinanceFeds Chief Executive Andrew Sax-McLeod include: Laura Salvata, Director of Marketing, 120 advertisements; Maya’s Fitosi, Leverket Professional Services Head; Yaara Rozenblat, Head of Leverate Marketing; And Tamir Salman, Product Manager, Liverate

Prior to discussing the panel was previously presented by Keyword Distribution distributed by Fitoussi, who presented a short history of the evolution of marketing and highlighted the need to re-launch the whole game through smart analytics and smart engagement.

He emphasized the importance of increasing the customer experience by means of capture emotions, such as the importance of enjoying “Bonus Culture” and emphasizing the need to develop broker-client relationships, which can provide a genuine customer experience. The quality of the experience is very important, said Fitussi to buy Maya. This is not less spam and bombs with email

The marketing panel focuses on the quality of its customer experience and how brokerage can be empowered to market marketing at the beginning and focus on providing such experiences to its customers.

Tamil Salman challenges the new regulation, especially GDPR, which is presented in traditional marketing ways. Various emails of different members of each GDPR audience are mentioned, such as the examples of how these new rules can be balanced for companies and their clients.

Apparently, GDPR publishes email marketing issues, problems related to the traditional method of doing it at least, and raises the need for a more personalized approach to the customer. A brokerage customer should understand what he thinks about.

Laura Salvata said that she was strong in the segment but warned that such a method is time-consuming. Maya Fischer added that now requires a smart segmentation and brokerage has to tell how their customers need to get them from where they live and where they want.

Tamir Salman insisted that the email is not dead, because some people it remains the desired channel. Laoura Salveta agrees that the mass email does not work and that the procedure should be specified.

The need for marketing effectiveness and success in new ways was also highlighted. Tamir Salman insisted that instead of the traditional steps such as CPA and impressions, this effect is now measured by the cost per each cost.

Participants responded to public questions about the problems related to the old school sales process and the need to cross the traditional sale pitch. There was also question about gamification and why it seems to have gone from industry for some time. The comment about the next question was: because of the regulations



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