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Six tips to balance in the summer heat

A solar word is a period of approximately two weeks, based on the location of the zodiac sun. Form the traditional Chinese calendar system in the solar system. The calendar will be able to save a harmonious life living according to the nature that follows the belief of ancient Chinese. This article series explains each solar word, guides how to navigate the best season.

The summer is already running well, and it means that you will have the remaining cooling evening and the fragrance in the morning because they will not end. After tiny heat (July 7-22) is passed, even an air would feel hot.

Generally, the weather is very hot and humid in this solar period, most people will take time to rest from work, rest and rehabilitate

This is a unique time, according to traditional Chinese medicine, to cure winter diseases from the body. This year, the ideal time for this is between July 17 and August 25. It’s also time to build healthcare for cooler months.

There are five seasons and there are five elements recognized in Chinese herbal medicine and each season has a similar material that is associated with spring wood, summer with fire, summer with the summer of summer, winter with autumn and winter with water.

Among the five elements, wood produces fire, produces fire, produces earth, produces metal, produces metal, and produces wood with water.

Thus, converting into most seasons, tell from the spring to the wood, and from summer to fire, is smooth and natural, but a transition from summer fire to autumn is unusual, as the fire burns and forms it.

This unusual change is an opportunity. Just as the proper application of the fire purifies the metal, it can strengthen it, if we take care of our health and follow the right practice through these hot days, then our bodies may be healthy in winter.

Frequently and skin pores are open at this time, so sweating is on our skin surface, and some people may be very easy to cold. The young and the elderly should be careful to stay hydraulic and avoid heat possible when possible.

‘6 ways to live with harmony with tiny heat’

1. Get regular natural spring water, but not too much at one time.

2. Do not eat too cold or cold food, because this body will have to reduce the aging energy to go through the upcoming autumn and winter.

3. Regulate the amount of food you eat. Too much, or very little, can burden the body.

4. Coffee, a diuretic, can help to heat and save excess water defense.

5. A foot massage or meditation can help to adjust and reconstruct the body.

6. People who often have cold hands in winter, add some organic ginger to your tea or enjoy ginger with your diet.


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