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Simple Living XL Air Fryer 5.8qt Large Digital Air fryer

Simple Living XL Air Fryer | 5.8 QT | Large Digital Air Fryer | Includes Cook Book | 3 Air Fryer Accessories | Choose from 8 Cooking Presets | Keep Warm Function 

This is one of the Best Air Fryers manufactured for providing you effortless healthier cooking. This fryer will deliver you the type of cooked food in which you’ll experience less or no oil. Even in the cooked food there’ll be no greasy mess or other fats and for that reason, the provided foods of this one will be healthier and you can be sure about that. The capacity of this one is more than other competitive products and it is applicable to all the cases relating to cooking. For ensuring “Zero Food Spoilage” this fryer has kept all the necessary arrangements. For having the larger interior space you’ll be able to place larger slices of foods inside the fryer conveniently. Through this article, we’re going to show you all the details of “Simple Living XL Air Fryer 5.8qt Large Digital Air fryer.”

For having which this fryer is one of the best?

We’ve mentioned this fryer as one of the best for having a good number of attractive features in it. This fryer is of compact design one but it contains the maximum number of presets for providing you the highest number of delicious foods. While other fryers keep timer of up to 30 minutes, but this one allows timer up to 60 minutes. 8 presets are allowed here although this one will consume only 1800 watts of power while running the cooking function. LCD digital display of this air fryer placed at the upper part of the fryer will show you the maximum number of issues.

For having the capacity to provide “Rapid Hot Air Circulation” the standard of cooking will be up to the mark. The rarest system of the “2 Hour Heat Preservation Function” has been kept in this air fryer and this system alone is more than enough for preventing food spoilage. All the cooking materials of this fryer are dishwasher safe and for that reason, you may clean it so easily. This one can meet the needs of snacks or meals of a seven member family and you’ll be able to understand the capacity of this one after using it for some days.

Understand certain characteristics of this one at first!

Before clicking on the BUY button you should know about a product thoroughly at first. Similarly, you should understand the important features of this one for ensuring that it has the capacity to meet your needs and most importantly it will suit your desire.

  1. The dimension of this air fryer is 13 x 14.2 x 16 inches, while the weight of this one is 12.45 pounds. Comparatively, it is of compact design and occupies less space.
  2. For having 5.8 qt capacity inside this fryer, you’ll be able to place larger slices of foods here conveniently. For satisfying different types of users this air fryer has all the arrangements.
  3. This air fryer is fit for making Pizza, French Fries, Steak, Cake, Desserts, Poultry, Seafood, Bacon, Frozen Foods, Vegetables, or something like that.
  4. With the ordered package, you’ll get a recipe book in which the quick recipe of a good number of delicious foods will be mentioned and a 1 year warranty is also available here.

If the features of this air fryer can meet your needs or suit your desire then you may order this one for you. But for at least once, check the ASIN Number- B01NAQOO5I, and the Item model number- SL-AFD2-5L, of this air fryer for avoiding the scam products.

Using procedure of this one in the easiest step

The outward appearance of this fryer is easy to understand, even to the newbie or non professionals. In addition to that, a piece of recipe book will also be delivered to you with the ordered package. But, for your early understanding, we’re going to show you several guidelines regarding the using procedure of this air fryer.

  1. Firstly, select the space on which you want to place the fryer. Commonly people place such an air fryer in a corner of their kitchen for getting conveniences in cleaning and for some other reason. Wherever you place it keep in mind it is recommended to place away from any flammable materials and far from the reach of children. When you’ll get this fryer at hand before anything else check every material for seeing whether they’re okay or not.
  2. Now place the fryer in front of you to get acquainted with the outward appearance of it. You’ll get all the functions or options of the fryer at the upper part of it. Here a display has been placed in the middle of the options and it will show you the necessary details of the cooking functions. All the cooking functions have been placed on both sides of the display in which the necessary details will be shown. A knob has been kept below the display and you have to turn the knob for selecting the timer and temperature as you’ll not get separate knobs for that.
  3. For using this fryer perfectly, you have to understand the turning of the knob as this is mandatory for setting the timer and temperature. For selecting the temperature you have to select the temperature option at first and this option is the second one of the left row of cooking functions, from the lower to upper direction. At the opposite of the temperature option, the timer option is placed. After selecting the timer or temperature option, you have to turn the knob from right to left direction.
  4. The cooking procedure is as simple as that of other air fryers. Just you need to place the raw food materials at first and then after shutting off the fryer basket set the timer, temperature and start the cooking. After the time you’ve selected, you’ll get the deliciously made food. You may relax after the starting of the cooking function as it will not apply more heat than what you’ve selected earlier. All the necessary guidelines are provided in the recipe book provided to you just look at that.

Some attractive features of this one, enjoyable to all

At this point of discussion, we’ll show you several features of this air fryer you’ll certainly enjoy. Let’s see!

  1. One Touch Easy Presets: Here the maximum number of presets is kept at two rows of the display. All these presets are workable in just one touch and these are not like buttons that are workable in multiple pressing. For having such a controlling system all the experienced and inexperienced people can use this fryer easily.
  2. The Capacity of This Fryer: If you use this fryer for some days, you’ll be able to understand the capacity level of this one in cooking foods. While other fryers allow only 20 to 30 minutes timer, this one allows 60 minutes timer. This fryer has the capacity to produce 180 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. For having the spacious spaces inside the fryer you may place larger slices of foods here.
  3. Several Mentionable Methods: This air fryer keeps the “2 Hour Heat Preservation system” and for this system, the prevention of food spoilage has been possible. For its Rapid Hot Air Circulation, you’ll get the made food without the presence of oil or fat. For having the auto shut off feature you may use this fryer with relaxation as it will prevent any accident.
  4. Serving Larger Family: It has been mentioned in the product description that it can meet the needs of a 7 member family. When you start the use of this fryer you’ll be able to understand that it has much more capability than its word. The Custom Recipe Book provided with the package will show you the ways to cook different delicious foods every day.


  1. The rarest method of “2 Hour Heat Preservation” makes the “zero food spoilage” possible.
  2. Here you may select the timer up to 60 minutes, which is possible in case of other fryers.
  3. For having the system of “Rapid Hot Air Circulation,” you’ll experience the presence of oil in the made food.
  4. This one is more than enough for meeting the needs of snacks or meals of a seven member family.


  1. The system of setting timer and temperature may seem a bit complex to you if you’re a newbie.

Is it wise to order today?

This Best Air Fryer is for meeting the needs of a larger family. All the functions of this fryer will seem easier to you after using it for just 2 or 3 days. Then it will seem the easiest procedure as it doesn’t contain so many buttons. If the features of it seem desirable to you then “Simple Living XL Air Fryer 5.8qt Large Digital Air fryer” will certainly be the best choice for you.

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