Shinzo Abe, for the Japanese abductees trump missile in Trump-Kim summit


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was quite anxious in front of the Donald Trump meeting next week with Kim Jong. At that meeting, the discussion held an agreement with the expectation that threatens Japan's six-point security alliance in the United States and it will be risky to attack in the island nation.

But this is another topic when Abe's Agenda meets with Trump in less than two hours on Thursday at White House. In the late 1970s and mid-1980s, 12 people reminded the fate of Japanese citizens.

He said, "I discussed with the President about nuclear weapons and missiles, and most importantly discussed the abduction issues."

"I hope the US-North Korea summit will also be discussed this too."

In order to highlight the issue, Trump promises in April. Abe's relationship with the US president has worsened on trade. Last month, Abe was hit by plans to impose higher tariffs on Egypt's Amazon cars and metals: "It is very difficult to understand why it will be imposed on Japan, the military."

Abbey has returned abductees as an important political issue and has strong ties with the families involved. In the 1980s, he served as the secretary of his father for signing his contract with North Korea.

Five Returns

Tokyo has been officially listed among its citizens for the abduction of 17 North Koreans, five of whom were sent back home in 2002. In April more than 12 million people signed an application from the family, to keep their families in the process of trying to create disorder.

Masaru Honma is one of the dozens of family members to press for their release and wants to pressure the United States to negotiate with North Korea in the United States. His younger sister Yaeko Taguchi was kidnapped in 1978 by a North Korean agent.

In a meeting that was organized by the Association of the Families Association of families abducted by North Korea, Honma last month said, "We need a trick to ask Kim and get the answer." "Will he give them back or will he not give them back?"

At their April meeting, Abe asked Trump "to take this one-in-a-million opportunity to raise the abduction issue and strongly urge its resolution".

The promise of trump

Trump said their administration "will have to do everything to get them back, and they have to bring them back to Japan."

North Korea has repeatedly exploded Japan for raising this issue, and it has been resolved. Kim's regime claims that eight of the abducted have died and never in four other countries.

On Monday, North Korea's state-run Central News Agency (KCNA) criticized Japan that they are pushing Pyongyang. In a comment, it is called "rubbish" in Japan as the risk and abduction of isolated as North Korea.

"This issue is compulsory to ridicule Japan's international community and to go out of history, if it continues in the context of the conflict with DPR directly under the 'abducted' subject, it fails to integrate itself into a new position," said KCNA.