Senior Met Police Officer Honors on Investigation


A senior Scotland Yard Officer is being investigated for breach of rules regarding the nomination of a nominated candidate.

Temporary Chief Superintendent Parme Sandhu has been given an "unusual" investigation notice, which means that he may possibly face a serious discipline.

In some cases, such a charge may be dismissed. The legislator, who has made limited duties, declined to comment on the complaint. Two Metropolitan Police officers are under investigation.

BBC News reported that Mrs. Sanjur is discussing whether co-workers have been encouraged to support his nomination for Queen Police Medal (QPM). The QPM, which was launched in 1954, awarded twice a year in Queen's Birthday and New Year's List.

UK police officers were awarded a medal for their outstanding courage in the absence of respectable services or responsibilities.

In the initial stage of the investigation

At this year's New Year's Honor, the QPM was awarded to 18 officers, last month the same number was given to officials of the birthday list. The National Police Chief Council's guidelines say that "a person can nominate someone else for honor".

However, with other honors, people are not expected to be nominated themselves and are not meant to contribute or know the process at.

According to the Constable's Inspectorate Superintendent Rank and the recommendation below to go to a committee respected by the Home Office, with the recommendation for knighthoods, MBE, and other awards, the applicant is coordinated.

Internal Meta Investigation is investigating a complaint that Mr. Sondu can contact the other source to contact him to support his copy of PM nomination for communication. The investigation started at the beginning and no punitive action was taken.

However, the officer has been informed that the investigation is investigating the allegations of "misconduct", which can be dismissed if proved.

'First woman color'

In 1989, Sanjay Sanju, who joined the police, joined Richmond-on-Thames as Boro Commander.

After the terrorist attacks on London on July 7, he was one of the most terrorist minority in the society and was awarded Asian Women's Acquisition Award in 2006.

Last month he tweeted that he would be promoted to the promotion of "Chowdhury" in the Metropolitan Police: "I will be the first woman to hold this post." He is being assisted by investigating the representatives of the Police Superintendents Association.

Scotland Yard said in a statement, "Metropolitan Professional Standards (DPS) complains of appointing three officers that they have broken the guidelines related to the nomination process of the UK.

"A temporary chief superintendent attached to Human Resources is served on Wednesday, June 27, with a notice of serious misconduct and it performs the duty of restraint.

"On Wednesday, 27 June, a Detective Superintendent and an Inspector are both served with abusive notices with frontline policing, they perform full responsibility.