Seattle tax in opposition to Amazon will likely be canceled


The leaders of Seattle City said on Monday that they would work to cancel the tax on large businesses. One month after agreeing to measure housing for affordable housing and affordable housing.

The mayor Johnny Durcan and seven members of nine said in a joint statement. "It is clear that for the next five months. This ordinance will have a long-term and costly political fight. Which will not do anything to address our emergency housing and homelessness crisis."

"We've heard you say," they said, City Council will consider this law this week. A special meeting was scheduled for Tuesday. To pass the measurement, five votes will be required.

In November, a declaration of cancellation was announced from the last day of the campaign on Thursday. This declaration is to run a campaign to launch a signature to qualify for the ballot referendum.

The City Council last month passed a compromise plan. That plan earns at least $ 20 million of the tax business's total assets, around $ 275 a year in full-time employees every year. The so-called "head tax" will raise about $ 48 million a year for housing and homeless services.

Amazon and other businessmen criticized taxes. The online retail giant was suspended. The construction of a new high-rise building near Seattle headquarters before the vote.

Council member Teresa Mosquida, one of the four sponsors of the original tax proposal. Said on Monday that "The tax could not be withdrawn without our neighbors' habitat and rehabilitation strategies due to homelessness."

He said, "We can not wait until the next year or the next year for another proposal or process. When our people are sleeping in our park and our streets," he said in a statement.

John Murray, a tax spokesman on the Job Mission. He said on Monday that the coalition praised the "Seattle City Council has heard of the people's voice and is now reconsidering this corrupt tax."

He said (they) would wait for the results of the council's vote. Many more employers raised about the campaign, with $ 235,000, support their support, with Amazon, Starbucks and Paul Allen's Vol.

Supporters say that people are dying on the streets, and city-based programs found homes for 3,400 people last year, the problem became deeper. The United States has the third largest homeless people in Seattle and 169 homeless deaths in 2017.

The debate over raising taxes on businesses like Seattle's Amazon. It is including controversial Chicago 20 cities, as it fosters Amazon's second headquarters and expands. It is employment in Boston and Vancouver, British Columbia.

The cities have paid a lot of tax breaks and incentives to enjoy and promised to add thousands of highly paid jobs. However, critics say it was wrong for the public to finance the profitable institution. Especially considering extra costs for infrastructure and services for new capital supply.