Tips to Support Your Child as They Rejoin School Post Lockdown


In response to COVID, schools and colleges across the globe were closed: to limit the spread of the virus and keep students safe. We are in 2021 now and schools are reopening; learning is moving back to classrooms and whiteboards from mobile and computer screens. What would it mean for your children? Waking up early and getting ready for school? That’s obvious and we already know that.

But, what else? Obvious changes in daily routine, completely normal insecurities about your child’s safety, and the need for a bridge course to cover the gaps in learning that occurred due to pandemics. Keeping all that in mind, you as a parent will have a much bigger responsibility in making your child’s return to school smooth. Below are some tips which can help you.

  1. Have a talk with your child

The shift to online learning resulted in thousands of online lectures and zoom sessions. So, it is likely that your child is used to online learning techniques by now, or he/she is still traumatized by the events of 2020. So, before you plan your strategy to support your child’s return to school, talk to your child if he/she is ready.

Sit them down and start with simple questions like “Do you miss going to school?”, “Are you worried about anything?

Don’t stop them from talking, let them speak their heart out. Understand their concerns and try to answer them as gently as you can. It is important that they feel confident about returning to school. And talking might give them the needed confidence boost they need.

  1. Talk to the school and address your concerns

Concerns about your child’s safety and the gaps in education are normal. Most parents at this point in time will have similar concerns. Thus, it is essential that you talk to the school’s management and get them to address your concerns. Ask them to share details about the safety measures they are implementing to ensure student’s safety. Ask them about what they are planning to do to cover the gaps in education for students who might need some extra support.

If the school isn’t doing anything, you can look for after school learning programmes such as Kumon. The franchise offers online sessions for kids as well as center learning, encouraging self-learning in students with personalized worksheets. The learning program can offer your child an opportunity to learn previously learned and new concepts and strengthen their academic skills.=

  1. Take it slowly

Parenting post lockdown can be challenging since you’d have to be extra careful and supportive with your child. They went through the same trauma as you and would have a tough time switching from “home-comfort-zone” to their post lockdown life. Thus, don’t rush it. Take it slow. Monitor their activities, bus timings, and focus more on their well-being than their grades.

If you need more tips on how to be supportive to ease your child’s return to school, we suggest you talk to the teachers, child experts, and a child psychiatrist. They understand the situation more deeply and will be able to help you out properly.