Sanofi Poaches Former PSA Finance Boss Chasalup De Chattilan

France's multinational pharmaceutical company's Sanofi logo is found. It was found in the Paris headquarters in France, March 8, 2012.

Paris (Reuters) - France's Diazarmacs Sanofi has an announcement. He said that the former chief financial officer of the PSA, Jan-Baptist Chassleup de Chattilon, was hired to take a similar position in Sanofi.

Sanofi said that Chalcup de Chattilon will be its executive vice-president and chief financial officer. His position will be effective from October 1, which will be retired instead of Jerome Contaminate.
Sanofi Chief Executive Olivier Bradico said in a statement, "Gene-Baptist is an experienced CFO. Who is part of the PSA group's impressive activity."
In the last two years, PSA has posted a series of revenue-earning results, which has resulted in bankruptcy since 2012 poverty.