Singapore S Pass Application- Beneficial for Skilled Workers

S Pass Application

Do you have any plans to start a new chapter of your life in Singapore with an S Pass application? Singapore has ample work opportunities for local as well as foreign employees. On the same hand, Singapore also has strict rules and restrictions for foreign people to get a work visa. There is a tough process after which you get this visa. These official documents permit you to stay and work in Singapore. The type of work visa you get depends on the job, salary, and many more things. One such type of visa issued for work is called S Pass.

Eligibility Criteria of S Pass

Any medium-skilled foreign employee ( e.g. technician) can apply for this pass-through Singapore S Pass application.

  • The criterion for eligibility is that candidate should earn a minimum of $2500 monthly. The salary earned should also show his working experience. Candidates with more experience should also earn more salaries
  • He should either be a degree or diploma holder. Any technical certificate like for skilled technicians or specialists can also be considered. This certificate should be issued on a minimum of one year of full-time study.
  • He/she should have adequate work experience.

How long the S Pass is valid?

The S Pass once issued is valid for a minimum of two years.

How can the pass be renewed?

The S Pass can be renewed once it has expired. There are some requirements that should be met for the renewal of the pass.

  • On approval of renewal, it will be indicated in the in-principle approval letter if the pass holder needs to undergo any medical examination or not.
  • Any pass holder who is either quarantined or on stay-at-home notice and is unable to get the medical test done should put forth a request for time to get this pass renewed.
  • Any pass holder who cannot come to Singapore for the renewal should cancel the pass and apply again after the stabilization of the COVID-19
  • The rest of the pass holders can go for the medical examination in case if they are required to do so.

Dependant passes for family members

Any pass holder with a fixed monthly salary of $6000 and above can get a dependant pass for their children and spouse.

Documents required

The S Pass is specially framed for workers like technicians, accountants, and programmers. Your employer will apply for your S pass keeping in the loop the criteria set by MOM. The number of S Pass holders that a company can employ depends upon its DRC. The worker needs to show the following documents:

  • Duly filled and signed S Pass Application form
  • Letter of declaration that justifies your identity and request
  • Marriage certificate if you are married
  • A photocopy of the personal page of the passport
  • The business profile of the organization with which you will work
  • Certificate showing relevant experience
  • A support letter from any accreditation agency or Singapore professional association.

This way you can apply for the Singapore Work Permit application.

Tips to get a successful S PASS application

Do you have any plans to settle down and work in Singapore? Ministry of Manpower issues an S Pass for mediocre-level skills workers. This is a common visa for people are looking forward to settling down in Singapore.  This is a work permit for foreign workers. It means that people who are in search of a job:

  • People in search of a job should first secure their job and then apply for a work visa in Singapore.
  • The employer has to handle a huge employment pass process, so you are outside of all this and you have to wait for it.

Tips to increase the chance of successfully applying for S Pass application

  • Take self-assessment tool

The first most important thing required to be done to take Self Assessment Tool Test which has been provided by MOM. With this, the candidate can easily understand the requirement for successful application and also let them know if they can qualify for S Pass or not. This test will not give any guarantee for approval or rejection of the application. In case the test shows that you qualify to get a work pass, this means there are 90% chances that you will get the S pass. Before this test get the scanned copies of your passport, resume, and pay history so that your form is completed before it is forwarded to MOM.

  • Appropriate qualification and previous employment history

The government of Singapore always ensures that in process of providing employment to foreigners, it does no injustice with its own nationals. So a limit is set on the number of S Pass holders that can be hired.  People who never applied for S Pass earlier are required to declare about the business activity so that quota can be calculated.

  • Medical Insurance

Remember to buy medical insurance before applying for S Pass. It is imperative to buy and maintain health insurance. This insurance should cover a minimum of $15000 every year and include patient care and daycare surgery.

How to get a dependant’s Pass for family members?

Since 2018, any S Pass holder who gets a fixed monthly income of at least SGD $6000 can apply for Dependant Pass for a family member. With this dependant’s pass spouse and children of S Pass holder can accompany them to Singapore. In case if your family does not meet the criteria for a dependent pass then they can qualify for a long-term visit pass.

Other factors required for successful S Pass application

The above-mentioned factors are important for a successful S Pass application. Apart from this few other factors that play a major role are

  • Type of your job- this means the success of the application will also depend on the type of jobs like professional, technician, or specialist.
  • Work experience

Relevant work experience plays a major role in the success of the application.

  • Qualification

You can get detailed information regarding the same from the internet and make your S Pass application a successful one. All the help for applying S Pass for foreign workers is available on the internet.

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