Running for his friendly interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo to Trump


Fox Business Network host Maria Barbarian faced a particularly fierce criticism in his recent interview with President Donald Trump, in which he had asked the critics soft questions and repeatedly agreed with the president's controversial, false or confusing statements.

At one time, Trump claims that there was no match between his campaign and the Russian government and the investigation of the special investigation "did not get anything."

"I know," Bartiromo has responded that 20 people - some who work at the high level of the Triangle campaign - and three companies are convicted of criminal or were accused of crimes in Robert Mueller's investigation.

While attending his upcoming conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he must bring Russian intervention in the elections. Due to Tram's question, he said, "Why did not the FBI accept the DNA from the DNA," the Democratic National Committee refuses to cooperate with the Federal law enforcement agency during its investigation, referring to the unsatisfactory claims. His hacked server in the 2011 election

Maria Bartiromo did not question but rather agreed that DNC does not want to give his server to the FBI, and the former Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton's personal email server, is corrupt in any way.

Critics accused the Bartiromo following peddling and admin-approved scripts promoting online trends of a dam.

The Washington Post's political reporter Haroon Blake tweeted parts of the interview, in which Maria Bartiromo failed to challenge the tram demand.

In the statement made by Stilter Tram, Immigration and Customs Enforcement - MS-13 gang members were freed from the city with the arrival of immigrant rights activists and left-wing politicians. Rather than asking questions about North Korea, Bartiromo did not want any proof of Trump's unsatisfactory claim.

"Twin Tyland, author of the Washington Post's author Brian Clarke and Hu Hu Hong Rig and Electron said," Trump supporters say that the media is biased, then it is understood that most journalists expressly disagree with the trump. "Their view of good journalism is the sycophancy of Baridhara, which will fit very well in the official state media."

Fox Business President Brian Jones, presents Bartriano in a statement by BTCIS Insider.

"Maria Bertario's extensive interview with President Trump published the news on multiple platforms and answered numerous questions," Jones said. "We are very proud of his hard work and continued success in each of his FBN and FNC programs."

Journalists of the White House, including Fox's own John Roberts, criticized the president refusing to take part in an interview with anyone other than his friendly partners in the media.

"I would say that I'm a little disappointed that I was in the residential interview in August 2012 in Lacrosse, Wisconsin," Roberts told Business Insurance in April. "I am asking for an interview since the election of the president and he did not accept it ... and I told him - at this time in the administration of Bush, I interviewed him four times, and in the Clinton administration, I also interviewed him with a sit-down. "