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Review: ‘In Arabic,’ a vending laboratory story

The “Arabian” is set in southeast Brazil, and its dialogue is in Portuguese but hearing it heard the first word is in English. As a handsome teenager, the character of the movie goes to the extraordinary quarterly lecturer bicycle of Auto Traffic, moving to the beautiful, moving 1965 local gladden “Blues Run the Game”, Jackson Si Frank, Soundtrack. “Wherever I go,” Frank sings, “Blues is all the same.” And this movie, written and directed by Joain Dommens and Afonso Ucho, shows “Blues” as a universal language and status.

André lived in a glam factory town with Cycling teenager, Mirílio Calirí, with his younger brother and his cousin Mariaia (Gluussia vandeweld), where Marcia works as a nurse for the workers. No friend of André does not have his own age, and there is not much to do. His parents are only absent, but do not listen to all (they “travel,” Mercia tells one of his patients). While driving with an underwear in one afternoon, Marcia finds an employee of a factory called Cristiano and gives him a ride. Small, small but muscular, christiano, naturally born by Aristad de Sosa, cuts down a defective figure. Shortly after, a worker fell into a factory accident and went away. Cristiano arrives on a spiral notebook containing a journal to bring some of his assets to the curator. He read it.

And it is here that the film starts correctly, as an account of ten years of Cristiano’s life, as described by the journal page. One of his teens had an automated theft to fake him a year and changed the prison. Once spread, he infuriated the Brazilian state Minas Jerius, picking fruit for any money, then working on a road project. Cristio’s human connections have been with older friends who helped him get to work; They will get together in an evening, pass around a guitar and sing the songs. After an obsolete auto accident, he was afraid of another prison (before he was trapped on the truck’s radio again playing this friend song again), but he escaped from the job to rehabilitate a nephew. Then, while working in a textile factory, he fell in love with his supervisor (Renata Cabral). The matter ends, but Christianova maintains a letter after reaching her current job. Christine’s work and life go until they do not. The “Arabian” phenomenon does not show its cumming incident, but these advanced advances help to expand its meaning.

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