Raila Odinga warns the corrupt


Opposition leader Raila Odinga has warned as corrupt officials. He would side with President Uhuru Kenyatta to deny refuge to the guilty.

In the latest statement about his intention not to appear to be protecting traders from corruption. The opposition leader said he is moving away from the usual policy, where the accused cite a tribe or political party to evade justice.

In the statement of his spokesman, Mr. Dennis Onyango, Mr. Odinga assured the country. The war against corruption has its full support, as agreed with President Kenyatta.

“In line with his agreement Mr. Odinga, he will deny refuge to those accused of corruption. And will try to hide behind parties and communities when they are accused. It will be referring to the famous squeeze of hands in March.


The statement came shortly after Mr. Odinga met with a delegation of Kikuyu elders. The meeting is important to heal the disagreements that emerged after the general elections last year.

The Kikuyu elders committed to supporting the Bridge Building Initiative. The war on corruption and called for the firm application of the National Values and Principles in the Constitution to put Kenya back on track.


They also expressed their gratitude to the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga for giving strong leadership. Leadership in the struggle for independence. His courage in the colonial Parliament. And his drive for the liberation of the country’s founding father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, from his detention.

The statement by the opposition leader comes at a time when the country is rocked by mega corruption scandals. In which taxpayers lost billions of shillings through shady deals. They lost it at the National Youth Service (NYS), Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC), the National Cereal and Products Board (NCPB) and Kenya Power.


His party, the Movimiento Democrático Naranja, had asked members on Sunday to call the corrupt every time they were caught. It was the first time that the party made public its position after the murmurs that had been silent after the handshake.

President John Mbadi said the party would not protect anyone convicted of corruption. Regardless of their political party or tribe.

On Sunday, Mr. Mbadi said at Homa Bay that the MDG will crack down on members who support senior government officials. He asked who is being investigated for corruption?

The leader of the minority in the National Assembly warned. Any member of seeking to ethnic the war against bribery would be excluded from all parliamentary committees.

His sentiments were echoed by Alego Usonga deputy Samuel Atandi, who said that those found guilty should face the law.